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16 Apr 2021
Sustainability workstream: a round-up

Julian Smith, Executive Director at memcom, muses on the outcomes of the inaugural memcom workstream on sustainability, why it matters and what we can all achieve by working together.

22 Mar 2021
Why showing that you care is key to growing your membership base

John Innes, Executive Director at Think, looks at how the membership bodies that have concentrated on their key causes have built a firm foundation for the 'new normal'.

15 Mar 2021
How professional member communications changed in 2020 – in 14 big numbers

Launched a podcast? Turned your annual conference into a week-long virtual festival? Hosted a webinar (or 200)? Jackie Scully, Executive Director (professional) of content marketing agency Think, gives us insight into their latest member comms research and explains why the pandemic has led to a positive shift in the way we engage with professional communities…

08 Mar 2021
Top tips for a great award entry

Thinking of entering the memcom membership excellence awards this year? Find out what it takes to write a winning award entry straight from two of this year's judging panel.

05 Mar 2021
A Career in the Membership Sector

The membership sector represents millions of people in the UK alone, covering all kinds of industries and areas of society. We take a look back at some of the interviews we have conducted with leading industry professionals in light of National Careers Week in the UK.

01 Mar 2021
Ask the Expert: Personalisation and Data

This month, David Lonie and Gary Ford, Specialist Client Directors at Latcham, answer your questions around personalisation and data.

23 Feb 2021
Five reasons to enter the memcom excellence awards

The memcom excellence awards are for any membership organisation, professional or trade associations, or not-for-profit company that want to gain recognition for their hard work and innovation.

18 Feb 2021
The Digital Social Divide - it's a complex world!

Some thoughts on the digital social divide

17 Feb 2021
A digital world of excellence

Digital optimisation has quickly become a reality for so many organisations directly because of the pandemic. It's now time to celebrate the success of those that have done it well.

03 Feb 2021
Living Your Values

Next week we are being joined on our People & Culture workstream by Pete Ashby of TEAM 2030 to discuss what more CEOs and Senior Leaders should be doing now with their staff teams, on a digital basis, to prepare for the stage when we  begin to move out of lockdown and teams need to revitalise those parts of the business that have suffered through the pandemic.

03 Feb 2021
Ask the Expert: Your CRM Challenges Solved

Ben Sturt, our resident expert from Chrysalis Digital answers more of the common challenges around CRM systems.

28 Jan 2021
Facing the challenges of 2020

After winning memcom’s CEO Leadership Award last year, Paul Rees, CEO of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, hosted our annual Leadership Lecture. This year’s event centred around two key aspects of 2020 that shaped the way the world operates: the global pandemic and the death of George Floyd.

25 Jan 2021
Creating One of the Most Environmentally Friendly Magazines

CPL’s collaboration with CIWM in creating a new website and one of the world’s most environmentally friendly print magazines saw the partnership scoop two golds in the 2020 memcom membership excellence awards.

25 Jan 2021
Value is a nuanced and complicated thing

As part of our ‘Reorienting your Business’ workstream, we were joined by Cristian Holmes of CABA, who provided some really interesting insight into the sociology of professional membership organisations.

07 Jan 2021
Five things that will change recruitment in 2021

Julian Smith, Director of Executive Recruitment at memcom highlights some of the trends we can expect to see in the recruitment market this year.

06 Jan 2021
Ask the Expert: Your CRM Challenges Solved

Ben Sturt, our resident expert from Chrysalis Digital answers more of the common challenges around CRM systems.

06 Jan 2021
What Does Excellent Student Engagement Look Like

We meet the team at RICS, winner of the memcom Best Student Engagement Award, who talk to us about their Inspire Workshops.

04 Jan 2021
What Does it Take to Win Best Magazine of the Year?

We meet Aviva Attias, Editor, Community Practitioner, who gives us some insight into the winning entry.

17 Dec 2020
Going Above and Beyond During the Pandemic

We talk to the Social Impact Team at the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development about their volunteering programmes.

16 Dec 2020
Ask the Expert: Your CRM Challenges Answered

Ben Sturt, our resident expert from Chrysalis Digital answers some of the common challenges around CRM systems.

14 Dec 2020
Meet the Membership Organisation of the Year

The Digital Marketing Institute won this year's memcom award for membership organisation of the year. Here we discover a few insights in to their winning success.

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