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21 Oct 2020
Ask the Expert - Personalisation

Your chance to ask all your burning questions about Personalisation to Mike Hughes, Managing Director of Latcham Direct.

02 Oct 2020
The impact of Covid-19 on trade associations and membership bodies – new industry research revealed

By Gordon Glenister, membership strategy consultant and podcaster host of Membershipworld

29 Sep 2020
Ask the Expert: Your CRM Challenges

Each month our panel of experts will address your challenges. This month Ben Sturt from Chrysalis Digital answers some of the common challenges around CRM systems.

18 Sep 2020
memcom 2020 membership excellence award winners

And here are the winners....

08 Sep 2020
The Future of Membership Associations by Alastair Barr

Alastair takes a broad perspective and reflects what's on the minds of membership professionals since the start of the pandemic - digital transformation is certainly a key component of any future strategy.

03 Sep 2020
Membership Forecast: July 2020

Our partners at Pixl8 have pulled together their Membership Forecast 2020.

27 Aug 2020
Don’t start your digital transformation journey until you’ve considered this…

26 Aug 2020
Academic conferences in the post lockdown world: 5 ways they’ll be different

We’re living in a new world for academic conferences. Since lockdown began on the 23rd of March in the UK, every factor of life and every industry has been forced to change in unprecedented ways.

31 Jul 2020
Discussing Membership Events July 2020

Pixl8’s Alex Skinner and Lucy Conlan were pleased to join RD Mobile’s Russ Magnuson and Katie Atkinson to chair a dynamic session for memcom’s roundtable discussing the status and potential of events and conferences in the sector, with particular focus on digital opportunities.

28 Jul 2020
Why membership bodies are more important now than ever

Sophie Lewis, Marketing & PR Manager, at the National Association of Shopfitters talks to us.

28 Jul 2020
Interviews in the digital age

Julian Smith, Executive Director of memcom recruitment, shares his top tips for interviewing in the virtual world.

24 Jul 2020
Discussing membership awards, by memcom headline conference partner, Pixl8

Pixl8 MD Alex Skinner and Senior Marketing Strategist Lucy Conlan were pleased to join RD Mobile CEO Russ Magnuson to chair a vibrant discussion for memcom’s roundtable event discussing the status and potential of awards in the sector.

21 Jul 2020
Some thoughts on the events industry

Heather Lishman, Association Director of the Association of British Professional Conference Organisers (AABPCO) talks to us about some of the trends and challenges we can expect to see in the events landscape.

10 Jul 2020
How we moved our memcom conference online, by Debbie Hockham

With the associations and professional membership sector potentially losing millions in lost revenue from conferences and training events, many have had to get to grips with the disruption of COVID-19 quickly.

08 Jul 2020
Turn traffic into action: How to boost online conversion

Many membership organisations have seen increased levels of web traffic and a heightened profile in recent months. But how can you make the most of it? In this blog post, we’ll share our top tips and tricks to capitalise on new digital opportunities.

06 Jul 2020
Interview with Jonathan Wood, Head of Society Programmes, British Ecological Society

We recently spoke to Jonathan Wood, Head of Society Programmes, British Ecological Society about their digital transformation, why now and how they started.

02 Jul 2020
Reflections on Racial Equality by Lee Davies, CEO, Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys

I have always thought myself to be an ally of black and minority ethnic (BAME) people in my professional life and my personal life. That said, I still find it awkward to talk about race. I find it harder still to talk openly about racism. I am most uncomfortable with the word racist. But we need to talk about race, racism and racists if we are to confront the prejudice, inequality and discrimination that BAME people face at work and in society.

02 Jul 2020
React, adapt and succeed by Colleen Peel, Head of Marketing & Events at the Credit Services Association

At the CSA and as a trade association, the most important questions we ask ourselves are: Do we provide enough value for our members? Do we create enough influence with stakeholders? Do we have a strong voice for the industry?

18 Jun 2020
Do you have information you can trust?

memcom charity partner, BBC Media Action is the BBC's international charity. Here we take a look at their work and its impact. We believe in the power of media and communication to do good, and we reach a than 100 million people a year in more than 20 countries, helping them to live freer, fairer, healthier and more prosperous lives.

16 Jun 2020
Pixl8’s memcom interactive insights

In times of flux, it’s helpful to hear how industry peers are managing change. During memcom interactive, our headline sponsor Pixl8 has been running a series of daily polls to shed light on current trends and expected change. After a vibrant week of membership insights and inspiration, we are delighted to share the results with you.

16 Jun 2020
“The future ain’t what it used to be” by Mark Chambers, Associate Director, Institute of Business Ethics

The great Yankees catcher Yogi Berra is now better known for his malapropisms than his exploits on the baseball field, and his famous observation on the ever changing and uncertain nature of the future is particularly resonant today. Our futures have changed almost overnight and we all face a lengthy period of confusion and uncertainty as to the way ahead.

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