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The memcom community is the senior leadership network for the professional membership sector. For over 20 years, we have been dedicated to serving professional associations, membership organisations and the wider not-for-profit sector.

From the successful annual conference and awards ceremony that attracts the leading lights of the membership sector, through to a range of professional networks for chief executives and other senior leaders in membership, marketing and communications, along with our HR leaders forum, the memcom community provides high level networking for senior membership professionals.

memcom offers organisational memberships suited to professionals working within professional bodies, trade associations and membership charities. We also offer corporate membership to sector suppliers.

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memcom excellence awards

The memcom membership excellence awards are the most-anticipated awards in the calendar year, and a chance to showcase your innovation and celebrate your achievements with your peers and your members. These awards rightly celebrate the success of professional bodies, trade associations, membership charities and other not-for-profit membership organisations.

A heartfelt congratulations to all organisations, teams and individuals that won an award in 2020!

View the list of the 2020 Awards winners and watch the replay of the awards ceremony hosted by our partners Liquona, from their studio in Surrey and compered by Lucy George and Voice of God Mark Stevens, the studio was positively fizzing with energy and anticipation.

The 2021 memcom exellence awards will be lauching soon - please sign up and be first to receive more information



Upcoming Events

3 November 2020

People Academy

Where people in the earlier stages of their HR careers can learn about and discuss areas of specific interest to the HR community.

4 November 2020

Reorienting Your Business

We will be exploring the different income streams (including events, membership, sponsorship, real estate, publications and training) and how each of these could or should be rethought or reimagined in covid times.

10 November 2020

Reinventing the Future

Futurology, or the ‘tricky art of knowing what will happen next’. We will be horizon scanning both within the membership sector and more broadly – considering things like disruptive technology; geopolitical shifts and nuance; and population changes – and what this means for the future of the sector and your organisation.

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