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We know how important it is to showcase your achievements and hard work, which is why we encourage you to enter the 2024 Memcom Excellence Awards and show us what you've got!

Winners of the awards not only get the chance to take home a fantastic crystal trophy, but also receive exposure through our communications on social media channels, newsletters and our blog. Winning an award can boost team morale, inspire others and even drive membership growth. It's also a great opportunity to celebrate your success!

Even if just being shortlisted for an award, the recognition from this can give a significant boost to staff, volunteers and members, leading to greater productivity, innovation and new ideas.

Entering the Awards shows individuals and teams that their efforts are valued and appreciated, with positive effects on both the individual and the team as a whole.


The 2024 Excellence Awards

Register today and submit by the deadline on April 30th, 2024!

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