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To facilitate collaboration, innovation, and knowledge-sharing among senior leaders from membership organisations, trade associations, and the wider not-for-profit sector.


To become a leading catalyst for change in the UK association sector, empowering associations to drive impact through collaborative innovation.


Grounded in integrity, community, and sustainability. We value the power of community and the importance of meaningful connections. collaborations.

​For over two decades, Memcom has been the premier destination for senior leaders in the professional bodies, trade associations, and wider membership sector.

Don't miss the chance to grow your business and establish yourself as a leader in the industry.

With our longstanding team which continues to expand, we've forged an unparalleled community that comprises visionary decision-makers and strategic thinkers  from a diverse array of industries. From finance to law, health to medicine, housing to education, and construction to engineering – our members represent the very fabric of professional excellence.

Joining Forces for Growth

At Memcom, we believe in the power of collaboration. Our community is more than a gathering of professionals; it's a catalyst for growth, innovation, and shared success.

We offer numerous partnership opportunities to connect with top leaders in the membership sector through our extensive networks. By showcasing your products and services to key decision-makers, you can increase brand exposure and reach your target audience.

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You can find more details on becoming a member of member of Memcom here, or contact Catherine Whitmore, Assistant Director, Membership & Networks directly.

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