EDI resources bank

These resources are brought to you in collaboration with The I&D of Professions Network, a group of professional bodies working together to improve our collective impact on inclusion and diversity. With Memcom they share a commitment to identifying and addressing the barriers that prevent fair access to the professions you represent. 

The I&D of Professions Network currently includes: ACCA, CII, CIPD, CIPFA, CIPS, CMI, ICAS and IWFM.



Leadership and Strategies

Leadership and Strategy  - Vision and case for change examples Leadership and Strategy - Vision and case for change examples

Gender equality resources and guidance

Delivering Diversity

Moving the Dial on Race

Management Transformed

Broken Windows

Managing for Diversity Checklist

Sponsoring Women's Success Report

CMI Race: moving the dial digital event

How to start talking about workplace racism

Accenture: Promoting LGBT Inclusion In The Workplace

How Accenture Improves LGBT Diversity

National Coming Out Day - David Pearson

Can flexible work close the disability employment gap

Why inclusive leadership matters more than ever

CMI Women Blueprint for Balance: Pay and Rewards

How to create a truly inclusive organisation

Age of uncertainty.

CMI Women Blueprint for Balance: An Ambitious New approach to Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion: Leadership beyond a pandemic

Inclusive Leadership: From why to how

CMI Women 50: Being Bold For A Better Future

Managing Through Change Podcast

Women on Boards and in Leadership: Do Targets Work?

#BetterManagers Briefing podcast

International Women's Day 2021 - The Big Challenges for a Better Future

South West: We achieve more, when we Choose to Challenge.

Women in Leadership

#ChooseToChallenge: Why, What and How?

The gatekeepers of racial diversity at work need to step up

Male Middle Managers and Gender Inclusive Leadership

Fostering Innovation Through a Diverse Workforce

Why gender equality is good for everyone

Why Diversity Is The Biggest Opportunity In Business

Diversity: How the FTSE 100 is Doing

Why Diversity and Inclusion matter to every business




Internal Staff and Operations

Retention Retention

CMI/GEO flexible working guidance

CMI Women Blueprint for Balance: Flexible Working

Distance makes the job grow fonder


Flexibility enabler to boost gender parity and engagement

An introduction checklist to implementing flexible working hours

Has everything really changed

How to apply for flexible working


External Members Professionals & Employers 

Mentoring guidance/initiatives Mentoring guidance/initiatives

CMI Women Blueprint for Balance: Mentoring and Sponsorship

Mentoring and Its Importance for Diversity and Inclusion

How BlackRock used sponsorship to boost gender equality

How Executive Coaching is Helping Organisations to Achieve Diversity

How four leading UK companies are achieving gender balance

Developing a Mentoring Scheme

Reverse Mentoring

Are you on the edge of the glass cliff/

CMI Mentoring

The Ultimate Guide To Mentoring

Mentoring in Practice Checklist

Supercharge Your Career: CMI’s Ultimate Guide to Mentoring

Me, Myself, and My Mentor: A how-to guide for beginners

Unleash Your Inner Mentor

How to Create a Mentoring Programme That Lasts


Specialist Organisations 

Specialist organisations or initiatives Specialist organisations or initiatives

BITC (Business In The Community)

enei (Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion)

Charter for Black Talent in Finance and the Professions

Supporting the wellbeing and mental health of People of Colour and Black people in the workplace

CMI Women network

CMI Race network

Black Solicitors Network

The Female Lead

Global Institute for Women's Leadership


Young Women's Trust


Business Disability Forum

Royal Mencap Society


Change People

Centre for Accessible Environments

British Association of Women Entrepreneurs

Fawcett Society

National Alliance of Women’s Organisations (NAWO)

Women’s Engineering Society

Women’s Institute

WISE Campaign

Women Returners

African & Caribbean Diversity

Association for Black and Minority Ethnic Engineers

Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights (Scotland)

Race Equality Foundation

Race on the Agenda

The Runnymede Trust


Press For Change

Centre for Policy on Ageing

Equality Ours

Equality Challenge Unit

Inclusive Employers


Training & service providers Training & service providers

Managing Equality Diversity and Inclusion - Bitesize

Managing Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (Level 5)

Award in Strategic Approaches to Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (Level 7)

Active Bystander Orientation

Race, equity, diversity and inclusion


Health and Wellbeing

The Responsible Business Map

Bullying at work

Workplace bullying and harassment

Equality Network Scotland

The Diversity & Inclusion Glossary

Sutton Trust

The state of social mobility in the UK

Action for race equality