An unparalleled event in partnership with Kerv aboard HMS Belfast

28 February 2024 by
Memcom, Rachel Appleton

In the rapidly-evolving digital landscape, the future of membership organisations increasingly relies on adopting cutting-edge technologies to improve business outcomes such as member attraction, engagement and retention. Kerv, renowned as an award-winning technology supplier in the membership sector, together with Memcom, invites decision-makers to delve into the business impact of technological advancements on the industry.

Together, Kerv and Memcom will explore the evolving expectations of members, examining how technology is reshaping the relationship between organisations and their members, and discussing practical ways to leverage AI without compromising on cost or privacy.

Addressing vital themes like AI, apps, personalisation, and advanced security, this event will spotlight the key areas poised to define organisational strategies in the years ahead. Additionally, attendees will have the unique opportunity to embark on a special tour of the iconic HMS Belfast.

Why This Event Is Unmissable:

  • Exclusive HMS Belfast Tour: Experience a unique tour of HMS Belfast, part of the Imperial War Museums, adding a historical dimension to a forward-looking event.
  • Expert-Led Insights: Gain valuable perspectives from Kerv’s membership technology experts and a representative from Memcom.
  • Strategic Transformation: Learn from the journeys of organisations across the membership sector, and understand key strategies for technology adoption.
  • Comprehensive Sessions: Delve into sessions on automation, data security, productivity, and professional networking, essential for today’s leaders.

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Memcom, Rachel Appleton 28 February 2024
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