The 2024 Memcom Excellence Awards

The Memcom Excellence Awards are open to professional bodies, trade associations, membership charities, other non-profit membership organisations, and agencies submitting applications on behalf of these organisations. 

The Awards welcome applications from the international membership community, and organisations which enter the Awards do not have to have a UK-based membership to participate - however, all entries must be submitted in English.

How to Enter How to Enter

Application process

  1. Register on our awards platform Evalato - enter here
  2. Select the awards you wish to enter
  3. Pay at the time of registration with a valid debit or credit card
  4. An email with your login details will be sent to you giving you access to your personal workspace
  5. Start your application whenever you're ready, save it as you go and submit before the deadline

When you start filling out your application, you can save your progress as you go - and then come back to Evalato at any time to complete your entry using your login details. 

Once you have submitted your application, you can no longer edit it.

Application format

Submissions for all awards are limited to a maximum of 500* or 1000 words (3500 or 7000 characters; spaces count towards the character limit) and nominees are also able to upload a maximum of 2 documents (1x supporting evidence, 1x visual). Each of the Awards can cover the last 12 - 18 months.

*Just the Future Leader requires a 500-word application

Each award has its own criteria, but generally nominees should think about how to answer the following question:

  • Why do you think this initiative/person/campaign/event/venue deserves to win this award right now?

Judges will look for:

  • Evidence of strategy and clearly defined goals: What are the goals and objectives of the project, magazine, campaign, event, person? What is the strategy you applied? How does this project, magazine, campaign etc...contribute to the purpose of the organisation? 

  • Execution & activities: In your application, please provide a list of the various activities that have been executed. What resources humans and others have been used to undertake the activities? 

  • Innovation, creativity and originality: What was innovative in the execution, approach etc…? 

  • Success metrics and results achieved: comment on your achievements in relation to the finance and human resources utilised. Show Evidence of success and impact in the form of feedback, testimonials or other KPIs, including any outcomes such as measurable increased engagement.

Changed your mind...?

You selected the awards you'd like to enter in the registration stage, but then have a change of mind? Don't panic! We can easily add, subtract or change your chosen categories, so simply email us at [email protected] and we'll sort it for you!

Want to see what the application form looks like BEFORE you apply?

That's not a problem! Simply email us at [email protected] and we'll send you a pdf example of our simple-to-complete application form!

Supporting materials

You are advised to upload supporting materials that can be used alongside your entry. Unless you ask us not to, these materials may subsequently be used on the Memcom website, on screens during the awards ceremony, or within other Memcom-related marketing and promotional materials.

Digital and / or Printed copies are requested for the Publishing, Editor of the year and other categories where it is needed.

Please kindly note that no supporting materials will be accepted after submission.

Download the Awards Entry Kit


Please complete the form below to receive the Awards entry kit and the application form sample.



Key Dates and Deadlines Key Dates and Deadlines

Date Description
12 December 2023 Awards open: 4-for-3 until 15th March 2024; early bird closes 31st December 2023
31st December 2023 Early Bird Registration fee at £175+ VAT ends (Standard at £225 + VAT)
15th March 2024 Standard registration fee at  £225+ VAT closes and 4-for-3 offer ends
16th March - 22 March 2024 Late Registration fee at £275+ VAT
April - May 2024 Voting on the awards
End of June 2024 Shortlist announced at the Memcom Summer Party (date to be confirmed)
26th September 2024 Winners announced at the lavish Memcom Awards Ceremony in London.

Benefits of Entering the Awards Benefits of Entering the Awards

Awards and recognition can enhance your organisations’ reputation and give a boost to your members. They can also encourage innovation and raise productivity amongst your staff. Winning the Memcom Membership Excellence Awards are GREAT for your profile, your staff, your volunteers and your members...

Some of the benefits of winning a Memcom Award:

  • Be recognised for excellence in the sector
  • Show your members the quality of the work you produce on their behalf
  • Gain exposure through Memcom's communications across social media channels, newsletters and blogs
  • Receive recognition that can support career progression
  • Great for team morale - Show appreciation for the hard work and results of your employees and volunteers
  • Great opportunity to celebrate your success

Each Memcom Award Winner or Highly Commended will receive:

  • An elegant trophy to display in your organisation
  • A digital badge to add to your website and email signature
  • An editorial and social media coverage, featured on our website, newsletters, blogs and social media 
  • A quote from the judges to feature in a press release


Entry Fees and Payment Entry Fees and Payment

Description Fee Valid time
Early Bird Entry  £175+VAT 12 Dec 2023 to 31 Dec 2023
Standard Entry  £225+VAT 01 Jan 2024 to 15 Mar 2024
Late Entry £275+ VAT 16 Mar 2024 22 Mar 2024

Remember, you can still save on your entries by entering four or more categories - valid until March 15th!

The cost of entry is per application, this includes a non-refundable administrative fee of £39 per application. Memcom reserves the right to change the cost of entry to the Awards without prior notice.

  • All award entries must be paid at time of registration with a valid debit or credit card. Failure to pay will result in entries being withdrawn from the judging process.
  • When submitting your debit/credit card details at time of registration, enter the postcode/ZIP Code of where the card is registered in capital letters with no spaces in between.
  • Duplicate/individual trophies are available to purchase at just £125 per trophy, which includes shipping to an address of your choice. Other size trophies may be available - details upon request.

General Rules and Eligibility General Rules and Eligibility

 The Memcom Excellence Awards are fully independent and completely impartial, and are organised and facilitated but not judged by employees of Memcom. 

Download the Awards General Rules & Eligibility


Judging and Recognition Judging and Recognition


Every year we invite experts and professionals from the world of membership to form our jury panel – from thought leaders, heads of associations, to consultants and suppliers working within the membership sector, each with an in-depth understanding of the industry’s ever-changing landscapes.

Each entry is evaluated by a panel of 3 – 5 judges, within a set of categories assigned in accordance with their field of expertise. The process ensures that any conflict of interest with any of the competing entries are taken into consideration, and respectively no judges are assigned categories where such entries are present.

Entries are scored based on these key criteria 

⇒ Evidence of strategy and clearly defined goals

⇒ Execution & activities

⇒ Innovation, creativity and originality

⇒ Success metrics and results achieved

During the evaluation process, the judges will award a winner and possibly a highly commended as the jury deems appropriate and as their voting score determines.




Our Top Tips for a Winning Entry! Our Top Tips for a Winning Entry!

Remember, you've got to enter to win, but before you do, here is a little more advice from judges and past winners of the Memcom Membership Excellence Awards:

  • Research suitable awards: can you enter the same piece of work under different categories?
  • Register early and get planning: there's nothing worse than missing the boat, so plan early to avoid disappointment - and take advantage of the early-bird pricing offer!
  • Read and then follow the instructions: it sounds obvious, but different awards might require different criteria, word limits or supporting information and KPIs.
  • Make time: don't leave it until the last minute to submit. Draft your application and bake in time to get someone else to review your entry before you press submit.
  • Use storytelling to demonstrate success and impact: make your successes come alive and inspire the judges with their impact.
  • Create joint entries with your suppliers: share the costs, the efforts of submitting and celebrate your wins together!

  In the words of two of our judges: 

You know your work inside out, but take a step back before you write your award entry and look at it through a stranger’s eyes. What really makes it shine? What were the original objectives and does your measurement support them? How would you describe your audience and find a way to write simply and concisely what you delivered... and why. It’s also really motivating to read an entry that shows your pride in your work – not empty boasts or how fabulous everyone says you are – but an entry that clearly defines what you set out to do and the impact it made. These may seem obvious but we see a large number of entries that presume we know your organisation and project inside out, thinking that using corporate jargon or flowery words will do the trick. They don’t! - Suzanne Peck

Susanne Peck

Director at Sequel

My top tip is to demonstrate innovation that moves beyond traditional models with evidence or KPIs that demonstrate positive outcomes.

Nick Pahl

CEO, Society of Occupational Medicine


Contact us Contact us

Whether you have a specific query or would like advice, the awards team is here to help - Contact us at [email protected] or call 020 7148 6749. We aim to respond within 24 hours, even at the weekend!