Through a series of events including the highly successful conference & awards in May, memcom connects senior leaders from professional associations, trade associations, membership organisations and the wider non-profit sector to collaborate, to harness best practice and to celebrate success.


Duncan Grant and the Membership Organisation first founded memcom, short for ‘Membership Community’, in 2000, aimed at senior membership professionals. The event has evolved over the years to ensure that memcom remains relevant to the ever-changing landscape of the membership sector. memcom carries a rich heritage of community, collaboration and trust and has always worked hard to bring senior thought leaders together for the benefit of the sector.


As a strategic partner, The I Am Group played an integral role in the organisation and management of the 2017 memcom conference and awards. Following the event, The I Am Group acquired the memcom brand from the Membership Organisation in May 2017. The I Am Group now comprises memcom, I am recruiting – a specialist recruitment agency working with professional associations, membership organisations and the wider non-profit sector – and Matrix Media Group, a media and creative agency. We are so proud to have brought together three iconic and dedicated companies that can work in conjunction and help to further the strength, relevance and success of the sector.


There is no requirement to join memcom although you need to register for the regular e-bulletins and please do follow us on our social channels below to be part of the conversation.


We value your feedback, your ideas and your input, and we want to maintain memcom’s pole position as the go-to event for leaders in professional associations and membership organisations to learn, to network and to plan for the future. If you would like to have a chat about anything memcom related, from ideas for the conference agenda, to commercial opportunities, please do email memcom Director Debbie Hockham


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