outplacement & career coaching

We recognise that the membership sector is going through a difficult period, and redundancies will continue to be the norm for several years to come. But when forced to make redundancies, one area which you can’t afford to cut back is a career transition or outplacement service.

Our outplacement service is a coaching programme designed to help any of your former employees quickly find future employment. We place a strong emphasis on building personal relationships with those whom we help, and our job-hunting and recruitment expertise minimises their fears and helps them bounce back quickly.

Our career coaches are empathetic, sympathetic and skilled. They quickly build a rapport that establishes trust and offer a range of expertly written guides and resources to improve confidence and get results.

The services we offer extend far beyond CV writing and interview techniques to support individuals. We also help organisations plan their redundancies, communicating changes and supporting remaining staff members to ensure productivity is high. We consult, plan, coach and manage, and provide bespoke solutions to assist you in your time of need.

Led by Julian Smith, Director of memcom executive, our tailored outplacement services are affordable and effective and will save you time, money and reputation.