assessment centres

Senior-level or high-profile recruitment sometimes needs more than a simple interview to ascertain the best fit for a role, and this is where our assessment centres can help you to make a perfect hire for your organisation.

Our assessment centres are fully bespoke, designed by experienced consultants to meet the needs of your organisation and overseen by EDI consultants to ensure objectivity, consistency and transparency.

They typically involve candidates completing several different tasks, all of which reflect the reality of the job for which they are applying. These might include a written component, a report or presentation, a task which focuses on their time management and problem-solving abilities, a group discussion or a simulated business activity.

Our team will teach you how to observe, record and objectively rate candidate behaviours against the job description or personal competencies, and are crucial when considering internal and external candidates together.

Another aspect to consider is psychometric testing, which when used correctly, allows employers to assess individual differences in ability, aptitude or personality, and can be excellent predictors of job performance, thereby minimising the risk of a wrong hire.

Our consultants can help you decide when psychometric testing is relevant or appropriate, as well as identifying which tests to use and how to use them to maximum advantage. Some psychometric tests are not particularly compliant with EDI best practice, so it’s important to seek advice and support when planning how to recruit and what tools to use.

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