Covid-19 as a Catalyst for Change: 7 predictions on the future of membership communications (W5)

Date and time: Wed, 3 June 2020, 11:15 - 12:00 GMT
45 mins

Category: Communication: influence & voice

The last three months have seen huge changes in the membership world with organisations pivoting their services, communications and activity to reflect the challenges of 2020. While this has been a challenge for many, it is also an opportunity to test new approaches, build better systems and engage with members in a new way.

Membership organisations can bring people together, help them feel part of a like-minded group of people and offer valuable information. While this is an opportunity to shine, it is also a period where those who do not connect with their members will fall by the wayside. Today’s message is simple: be relevant, be useful, offer value or risk losing your audience.

Join John Innes and Jackie Scully as they discuss the latest membership industry research and how you can change your content, communications and activity for the better in 2020 and beyond.