Wood for Trees

Wood for Trees helps organisations realise the meaning, value and power of trusted data. We provide hugely valuable insights to improve an organisation’s performance – and in doing so we ensure that trusted data is always at the heart of all decisions. We believe there’s no compromise when it comes to quality data to form strong foundations for analysis and insight. We’ve the right tools and domain experts to help organisations make informed decisions that inspire great results.

We collaborate with some of the world’s best-known charities and not-for-profit organisations to improve stakeholder engagement and performance. We’ve built a reputation (and won awards) for providing valuable insight, strategic recommendations and data solutions. Our clients benefit from a truly independent service that’s both highly valued and good value. We focus on data, its potential and the knowledge that can be gained from it.

Our project-appropriate approaches include data processing and hygiene, data analysis, strategic reporting and consulting, building marketing databases and database analysis software (both as a bureau and enterprise offering). We’re a top-three partner with Apteco for the Apteco marketing suite of analytical tools. Through DataGuard, we provide a SaaS platform that connects individuals with their personal data to maintain and update their consent, preferences and permissions to improve customer trust.

Wood for Trees was established in 2007 and is based in the historic city of Bath.


Data is only as good as the use it’s put to, and Wood for Trees aims to help you generate more value from your information than ever before. Our team is highly experienced in every aspect of data understanding, from hygiene processes to sophisticated analysis and modelling and complex data management issues. We offer a range of products and services covering the following areas:

  • Data foundations – ensuring your data assets are robust, meaningful and compliant
  • Single customer views –building robust and efficient master data warehouses – or single supporter views – ensuring the most comprehensive and accurate data for analysis and marketing
  • Analytics and insight – our highly collaborative approach to data understanding drives actionable marketing insights and more enlightened strategic planning
  • Reporting – reporting and dashboarding to help you monitor all activities and keep track of your tactical and strategic KPIs
  • Marketing automation – providing customer-specific marketing software to help you plan and execute your marketing plans effectively and efficiently
  • Trusted data – improving an organisation’s strategic decision-making and revenue-generating performance by ensuring a solid foundation of trusted data

Case study example: https://woodfortrees.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/Getting-the-most-from-a-foundation-audit.pdf