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Pixl8 is the go-to agency for membership organisations who are seeking digital solutions that go the extra mile. We blend technology, know-how and creativity to develop digital products that are designed to grow and nurture your membership base.

Since 2001, we’ve worked with over 200 membership-based organisations to build and design CRM-integrated websites, provide event management platforms, personalised email solutions, bespoke applications and more.

In the last 6 months we have launched websites and provided consultancy for an eclectic range of clients including:

  • Federation of Small Businesses

  • Bar Council

  • Bar Standards Board

  • Twins Trust

  • Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management

  • Association of Real Estate Funds

  • Institute of Business Ethics

  • DFK International

Our team has the skills and expertise required to design and build the personalised digital experience that your membership demands. Our services and products include:

  • Membership website design and development

  • Strategic consultancy

  • UX research and design

  • Website CRM integration

  • Website CMS

  • Bespoke software

  • Event management solutions

  • Email marketing

  • Customer Data Platform

  • Personalised membership portals

  • ReadyMembership

Whether you have established requirements, are looking for assistance with a business case or are just curious, we’re here to help. Give Scott Cole a call on the number above or email [email protected]

Case study: Twins Trust - Shortlisted for Memcom’s ‘Best Website’ award