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We have been building native apps for membership organisations for over 10 years - like the BMJ, Royal Pharmaceutical Society, Royal Aeronautical Society and Institute of Civil Engineers.

All apps are integrated into the organisation’s normal CRM system. Members only have to login once with their usual password and the app will keep them constantly connected.

There are many things the app can do to add value to the member journey and engagement with the organisation. Some headline features used by existing clients:

Focus your communications

Email newsletters are old-school compared with in-app messages and notifications. What gets your attention better – an email newsletter dropping in your inbox, or a WhatsApp message on your phone?

Be smarter with you content

Print and postage is a waste of money. Attaching a PDF to an email is a waste of time. Putting content on your website is fine, but nobody knows it is there. Put it in an app and it can announce its arrival. And it will cache so it can be read offline when members are most likely to read magazines and journals.

The app is also a better place to deliver all your content – to be read, videos to be watched and podcasts for in the car or on the way home.    

“No logging in nonsense with the website. Convenience of an app. Portability. Read it on the tube offline. What’s not to love?” BMJ member response to survey.

Connect to member services

As the member is permanently connected once they have logged into the app once they can retrieve important things like their membership card; professional certifications; their renewal and expiry dates.

Promote events

The app does not deliver on-the-day event experiences – there are specialist apps for this. But it can deliver everything before the front door - listing and promoting events, linking to booking and payment systems.   

CPD, notes and other actions

Apps are two-way channels of communication. Members can open a form or data field, make a note, write a message or even complete a whole CPD exercise and send it back to the organisations CRM system or learning platform.

Something not on this list?

App capabilities evolve through need. If you have an idea or a need that is not covered it could be very easy to do. You may not realise that it is already covered by the functionality listed – you just see it in another way. The only way to find out is to ask us.  


NEW for 2022: Our lockdown project was to automate the building of apps on a no-code platform which lets organisations design and build apps in-house.

Our new platform, Reptile, can build the native iOS and Android app files in just 20 minutes of machine time – process that used to take us a month to do manually.

By taking expensive developer time out of the process we can focus efforts on building the elements which add maximum value

Let’s get started - follow us at and talk to us about Reptile.