Leaders of membership organisations face unique challenges because our sector is unlike any other. Whenever you need authentic, experienced leaders, try memcom executive. You need to get it right, and we stake our reputation on it.

From CEOs and Directors to C-suite leadership teams, from membership to finance, from policy to human resources, and from professional development to communications.We are committed to quality, and we live our values of empathy and connection with the sector, diversity and inclusion.

What does this mean in practice? It means we’ll design a recruitment process that’s unique to your organisation, championing the values you hold dear, and challenging past recruitment assumptions which might limit your appeal. We need to know what your plans are, and we’ll find you someone who can take you there.


We're committed to diversity

At memcom, we recognise that the membership sector has a long way to go before it is truly diverse and inclusive. So, we are
committed to an inclusive recruitment processes to encourage change in the sector.

In practice this means actively challenging aspects of our clients’ job descriptions and person specifications which
might lead to unconscious discrimination, as well as anonymising candidate CVs and applications. We work hard to reach as
diverse a range of candidates as possible and we are proud of our recruitment legacy within the sector.

We actively participate in the memcom EDI workstream, which allows us to update our best practice and procedures, and work alongside EDI experts on all of our senior appointments.


Led by Julian Smith, Director of memcom executive, our tailored services are affordable, effective, and 100% reliable. We’ll save you time, money and reputation – and we’ll also recruit the next generation of your organisation’s leaders.