CPL are a content marketing agency, we create and deliver strategic content marketing that inspires people and brings them together around our clients’ brands and organisations. In short, we help people belong.

We have a reputation for excellence among membership and professional bodies, government and charities.

We make it our business to understand what it is you want to achieve, so we can develop the right strategy and create content that works.

Our integrated teams work in print, online, outdoor and video and can deliver the following:

Content Strategy

Do you need a content strategy? Do you even know what one looks like? We can help you decide if you should have one (you probably should, by the way) and then start you on the journey to creating it.

Your content strategy needs to work hand-in-hand with your wider business, marketing and communications plans to ensure you’re telling a consistent story to your members, potential members and wider stakeholders. And that’s why there is no single ‘right’ model. We use different tried-and-tested techniques depending on what you and your organisation need.


CPL’s skilled and specialist writers and editors will craft compelling pieces to get people understanding and talking. We are experts in creating written content that helps you connect with your audiences. If you need a magazine for your members, blogs for your website, podcast or a social media campaign, we will use our background as journalists to hone your messages, then communicate them.
Our in-house editorial team gets under the skin of your audiences so that our content resonates and holds attention. But CPL also has a network of specialist journalists to call on for a specific brief: a long-form piece of industry analysis; a light-hearted interview; an in-depth report; news about your organisation; a podcast discussing the latest topics; or people profiles. Editorial has always been at the heart of what we do; it’s where we started more than 20 years ago. And we’re better at it now than ever.


Our background is in magazines, so we know how publishing brands work. That means you can trust us to create a well-structured, appealing and finely paced publication, whether it’s using print and paper or being distributed digitally.

We also design award-winning broader marketing campaigns. This includes creating full-brand positioning programmes, logos and visual identities, as well as creative work for advertising and social media campaigns.


CPL’s commercial and media sales team is skilled at helping you generate revenues from your content. ​Annually, our team delivers more than £2.5 million of ​advertising and sponsorship for ​clients. We can sell advertisements into your magazine, on a website, or build multi-channel sponsorship packages for your awards, campaigns and conferences. Partner webinars, branded content and online recruitment portals are just some of the commercial activities that we manage for our clients. We also carry out media planning and media buying for a number of clients.

Digital Development

We can design and build responsive websites, create apps, code your digital newsletter, and plan and deliver your digital publishing strategy, making magazines that work beautifully on screens of all shapes and sizes. CPL’s developers are not wedded to specific solutions, swayed by the latest fads, or bound by what we’ve done in the past. Instead, our experts work with you to understand your brief – then create what’s right.

Video production

Filmed stories and animations are a powerful way of attracting new audiences and engaging existing ones. They can boost your social media impact and play a part in your SEO strategy. CPL’s video production team will understand your requirements then deliver cost-effective films that do not compromise on creativity or impact.