About us

CPL One is a full-service content marketing agency. Our award-winning experience and trusted insights bring people together around brands and organisations. We create and deliver strategic content marketing that gets the right results for you and your audiences. Our mission is simple: to help people belong.

Our roots are in two successful content marketing agencies, CPL and Century One, and we also have a sister agency, Cabbells.

Our team is based across two sites in Cambridge and St Albans. Our content specialists include marketing strategists, editors, journalists, graphic designers, video and audio storytellers, web developers, print production specialists and commercial experts.

Our mission

We know that when people discover shared values, they can build a better future. When they’re grounded in connection, they can aim higher. When they’re listened to, they gain confidence. When their individuality is welcomed, they become stronger together. We know that’s what your members and key stakeholders want, and it’s what we want for you too. It’s why we say that at CPL One ‘we help people belong’.

Our services

We create brilliant advertising, offering creative direction, design, copywriting, media planning and production, and media buying services to help your organisation meet its commercial objectives.

As experts in long-form editorial, video and audio storytelling, photography, animation, copywriting and print management services, we’ll create and deliver impactful, authentic and insightful content that deepens the bond between you, your members and your potential members.


Our design team can work with you to originate or realign your corporate identity, design your magazine, brochure or website, or create assets for your latest campaign, always ensuring your purpose and values are consistent and clear wherever they’re seen.

Digital development

Our digital teams can plan and deliver your digital publishing strategy and email marketing campaigns, designing and building websites, and creating digital magazines, reports and brochures, so your audience sees your content whenever and wherever they need it.

Digital marketing

We use data, analytics and SEO to maximise your owned, earned and paid digital and social media channels, creating shareable digital marketing content that starts conversations, broadens and engages audiences, and brings communities together around your brand.


Our in-house commercial and media sales team have a trusted process to increase revenues from magazines and websites, multi-channel sponsorship packages, events, webinars, podcasts, branded content, online recruitment portals and more – we’ll help you choose which is best for you and your customers.


YouTube:  www.youtube.com/@cpl_one