Consort Strategy

Established in 2016, we are a consulting team of leadership portfolio specialists: we work internationally to develop clients’ understanding of leadership theory, practice, development, dynamics, and economics; we enhance clients’ abilities to lead with purpose and to realise positive socialenvironmental and economic impacts; and through a variety of methods, we work with clients to define, develop and deliver high-impact leadership practices that inform innovative business ideas, generate economic success, and add value to communities. 


1.   Association management services

With an extensive portfolio of association experience, we support association business development and directly manage day-to-day operations. Clients include the British Footwear Association and the Institute of Association Leadership.


2.   Business process management

We work with clients to define operational protocol, articulating roles and responsibilities, defining decision-making processes, enabling teams to work consistently, and ensuring timings are understood. Clients include the Canadian Association of Research Administrators and the Royal Town Planning Institute.


3.   Coaching and mentoring

We are EQi certified and through a series of regular 1-2-1 meetings, we work with clients to identify and focus on their goals and overcome barriers to personal growth and change. Clients include the City of London Corporation and the Central Criminal Court of England & Wales.


4.   Leadership development

We provide a suite of executive leadership development programs for aspiring, assured and advanced leaders, designed to support their transition into their most effective and authentic selves; and our leadership development program for board members is designed to reflect and respond to the unique nature of association governance. Clients include the British Association of Public Safety Communications Officers and the Institute of Leadership & Management.


5.   Podcast research and production

We research, produce and promote clients' podcasts: an invaluable marketing tool and modern member benefit. Clients in the British Association of Public Safety Communications Officers and the UK & Ireland SAP Users Group.


6.   Promoting good governance

Irrespective of an organisation’s management structure and governance model, all Boards require a set of governance principles, policies, practices and protocol which guide their operations and are used as a reference point when working with the Chief Executive in leading the organisation. Clients include the Nuclear Institute and the National Hair & Beauty Federation. Our skills audits and competency frameworks allow boards and leadership teams to define their leadership strengths and development needs. Clients include The Organisation of Professionals in Regulatory Affairs and the British Pest Control Association.


7.   Skilled facilitation

As professional facilitators we ‘make things easier’ by supporting teams in agreeing common objectives; helping people collectively move through a process; and fostering participation and ideas that add value. Clients include the Southern African Research & Innovation Management Association and the Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency.


8.   Strategic planning

We support Boards in identifying and agreeing an organisation’s medium and long-term direction We help define the narrative and present the strategic objectives by preparing strategic plans for publication. Clients include the Association of Public Safety Communications Officers (Canada) and the UK's Trade Association Forum.


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