Our goal is resolute - We ensure you have the right CRM, website and technology platforms to grow and develop your membership while improving operations and drive efficiencies across the business.

Every organisation is different; therefore, the needs and resulting plan will be personalised. Our senior consultants will work hand in hand with you throughout the lifecycle, from discovery through to project implementation.

We are 100% technology agnostic in everything we do and offer flexible services so we are there when you need us.

We focus on 5 key services to help you achieve this

  1. Discovery - We will work closely with you to understand your digital estate, what’s not working and where you need to get to, designing a digital road map that enables you to reach your key business objectives
  2. Requirements gathering - With you, we will define your new CRM, website and technology requirements. This is not technology-led but focuses on identifying the needs from across the business, ensuring that there is a full understanding of the data required to move forward.
  3. Supplier selection - We will help you choose the right technology/ suppliers for your organisation.
  4. Implementation & planning - We are always there to support you through your digital project roll-out, ensuring a thorough hand over to a project manager, or connecting you with the right resource to assist you on your journey
  5. Management of change - The Chrysalis Digital team will ensure you become change ready for all your digital projects and programmes.

This sounds like it could be a long-drawn-out process, but it’s not.

We deploy rapid and agile techniques to generate quick wins from day one, while steadily amassing a vast pool of digital knowledge, building innovative internal processes and member engagement strategies.

Digital transformation is a naturally iterative process for reinventing your business with new systems, processes and technology and bringing about a cultural shift in the way your staff think and do things. 20+ years of working within your sector has taught us masses about the unique challenges faced by membership organisations and trade associations. The sheer scale of going all-digital in managing, supporting and engaging such large and diverse communities implies cost and complexity that seems too large to contemplate.

With Chrysalis, it’s anything but…

Digital transformation means what it says. Shaking out old processes, questioning the way things are done, encouraging everyone and anyone to come forward with ideas, aspirations and criticism and being brave, creative and ambitious. Our aim to work with you in promoting and encouraging the cultural shift that’s needed to get smart. It’s all about stepping out of your comfort zone, pushing boundaries and experimenting with new ideas, bringing people, departments and processes together and interacting with members, one to one, while making it business as usual. We’ll help you identify areas where small changes can quickly make a big and visible difference in a matter of weeks while transitioning information silos to a common, digital platform for collecting, organising and using data. 


Case Study: 


The Institution of Structural Engineers - Shaping up for the future.