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How much do you love your members?

If the answer is ‘lots’ please read on.


We’re Synergy.


For nearly 20 years we have forged a strong and enviable reputation in the field of print communications, specialising in membership collateral for a wide range of highly respected and established UK Associations, Royal Societies, Chartered Institutes, Sport National Governing Bodies and Royal Colleges. We help clients increase Member engagement, drive new Member acquisition, maximise their marketing budgets and develop potential new revenue streams.


All with the wonderful printed word. From plastic cards through to complex personalisation, fulfilment, education materials and club communications (and so much more!).


We know recruiting members is hard work – and retaining them can be even harder. Tailoring your communications to individual members in an effective way takes time and money and that’s something we don’t have a lot of these days.


At Synergy we’re experts when it comes to helping membership organisations reach out to their members in a way that makes them feel valued, appreciated and compelled to stick around.


We love what we do and we think you will too!


So how can we help you love you members even more than you already do?

Membership welcome and renewal packs

Magical Membership Print Cloud Marketing Portal

Targeted direct mail, great deals on postage

Sparkling event support


Training and CPD materials that perform

Wonderful print

Highly creative design and artworking

Research and insight



The most beautiful welcome


Nobody forgets a beautiful welcome and you can give your members that warm glow with a wonderful welcome pack.

In a world where emails can be missed (or ignored) a physical mailing pack has cut through and will be most definitely valued.

Whether it is a simple letter in an envelope or a membership box we create, print and mail over

5 million beautiful membership welcomes a year.



Renewals mailings

Over the past year we have been talking to and working with a number of membership organisations and there has been a common theme to those conversations. This can be distilled into a recent comment:


‘We switched to email only renewal reminders 18 months ago to save money; we have now gone back to posting them as our renewals declined by 15-20% over that period’.


Naturally this won’t be the only reason for the decline but it is true that a postal reminder is much more tangible and less easy to forget than an email.


It is also a great opportunity to remind members of your fantastic benefits, cross sell and upsell events & training, to encourage them to move to Direct Debit and much more.


Yes, the cost will be more than pinging an email but the return on that investment will be much greater.


We do a wide variety of renewals campaigns for our clients on a daily, weekly, monthly (or whenever they require it) basis and it would be great to share some ideas with you.


If you’d like us to send you a sample of one our beautiful membership boxes (with goodies inside!) just drop me a line to with your postal address.



Research and insight

We commission our own research which we share with our clients and always keep them up to date with the latest techniques and innovations

A couple of our recent publications are above; if you would like copies just drop a line to with your postal address.


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