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Ashley Friedlein
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What is Guild?

Guild is a GDPR-compliant messaging app for running private professional groups and networks.

Guild was created to help membership organisations improve engagement with members, contributors, staff and stakeholders in a way that protects users’ privacy.


How does it work?

You can create and host your own guild or be invited into one. All guilds are private, hosted, branded to the host organisation, bound by the Guild Charter, and have a professional purpose.

Guild combines the ease of a consumer messaging app with the privacy, sophistication, service and customisation you should expect for professional use.


What is the value?

Members of a guild benefit by exchanging information and expertise with trusted peers and nurturing valuable professional relationships.

The intimate messaging experience gets around challenges with email overload and Guild is much easier to use than often clunky web-based community platforms.


How much does it cost?

Guild is free to members. Hosts pay to use Guild based primarily on the number of members they host. There is no advertising.

Guild Black costs £350 per year to host up to 50 members. Guild Bespoke is for larger organisations and the price depends on the level of support, service and customisation.




Ashley Friedlein, CEO

+44 (0)7766 312 456