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Century One Publishing

Sarah Simpson
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Century One Publishing

Complete, integrated publishing solutions


Established in 2001, Century One Publishing supports diverse membership and business-to-business organisations in engaging with their communities. We create custom-designed, multi-channel communications including print magazines, ezines, online jobs boards and apps. We also curate and create content and provide a wide range of editorial services.

We offer complete and integrated publishing solutions. From producing expertly-crafted print and digital magazines that use design and content best practice to compete for members’ attention more compellingly, to building apps and jobs boards that recruit and retain them, we are the engagement experts.


Expert, cost-effective design and print solutions

Our design experts help re-energise communities by revitalising tired titles and producing immaculate and imaginative products.

We print more than 3.5 million magazines a year which gives us the scale, knowledge and long-term relationships with printers and mailing houses that secure very competitive rates.

All our membership magazine clients benefit from our buying power and transparent pricing.

We help you get the best from your budget, often doing things like upgrading the paper stock or choosing a new tactile cover finish at little or no cost to you.


Editorial and content that works harder

We work with organisations to produce resonate content that brings your strategy to life. By looking at your organisation’s objectives, internal resources and budgets we provide tailored content and editorial services that communicate your message more powerfully and amplify it more effectively across channels. We help organisations find editors and writers, copy chase and proof-read, assess their content and make practical recommendations on how to improve it, as well as support contributors and in-house communications, marketing and digital teams in producing higher quality content.


Innovative digital engagement

To give your members more flexible access to your content and provide you with a low-cost way to reach new audiences, we publish membership magazines digitally.  Digital editions are emailed to members or published to magazine apps.

We’ve also designed broader membership app packages which take your magazine, as well as extra capabilities, to your members. An ‘out-of-the box’ solution with features specially-designed for membership organisations or choose a bespoke app package based on research into members’ reading habits and the barriers and opportunities around deeper engagement. Both are optimised for Apple and Android smartphone and tablet platforms.


Professional advertising sales

We build your advertising profits, whether from your member magazine, jobs board or through selling space at your events. We invest in a professional advertising sales team who focus on generating leads creatively and cultivating long-term relationships with advertisers and sponsors.


To find out more, come and see us at Stand 9 MemCom 2018, watch our presentation in Stream 2 – Content, data and technology (12.30 -12.55pm) or go to