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03 November 2020
People Academy

Where people in the earlier stages of their HR careers can learn about and discuss areas of specific interest to the HR community.

29 August 2020
A simple event


04 November 2020
Goldfish Bowl

A fortnightly forum for solving your problems.

21 May 2020
Moving Visuals for Digital Communications

Refresh your creative and practical approach to the world’s favourite communications tool: moving image. Essential overview of how moving image is changing beyond 'just video’ in to areas such as interactive and virtual reality.

16 September 2020
JM test meeting
29 April 2020
Digital strategy is strategy

Ensuring digital success for better membership experiences

22 June 2020
Managing Change At Speed

Change is an inevitable part of modern-day membership. The process of digital transformation is forcing organisations to change their business models and adapt to a new market reality.

21 October 2020
Goldfish Bowl

A fortnightly forum for solving your problems.

17 September 2020
memcom excellence awards 2020

This year’s awards ceremony will take place in September, where will announce the 2020 winners! We’d also like to take this opportunity to once again publicly thank this year’s wonderful memcom judges who had an unprecedented number of submissions of high calibre to judge.

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16 September 2020
JM test event

test event