Showcase & Share Case Study – Pedalo and The Fostering Network

Web design agency Pedalo speaks about creating a new website for The Fostering Network, focusing on improving member engagement through personalised digital content.


The Fostering Network is the UK’s leading fostering charity. They contacted Pedalo wanting to update their website to provide more value for members and to be better able to showcase their work.


Pedalo produced a brand new website that allows for maximum personalisation of the member zone, differential data display options based on user types, and optimisation of user engagement. They also created a new site structure and site navigation with a fresh new design to match.


The site now presents personalised data for each user, based on their preferences and previous site usage. Just as Google and Amazon recognise what users like and provide the most relevant search results and book recommendations, The Fostering Network’s website ‘learns’ individual users’ preferences and displays the most useful material. Over time the website displays increasingly relevant information; visitors can also enhance the process by selecting their areas of interest.


Another way Pedalo made the site more engaging to members was with similar content appearing as ‘suggestions’ at the bottom of articles, so that users always have something to click onto and read next. This creates an endless loop of relevant and personalised content that site visitors can really engage with.


The Fostering Network also publishes a prestigious printed magazine which was turned into a fully digital, glossy, customised version for members to enjoy online.




The newly-designed and personalised website has seen purchases of membership increasing by a dramatic 58%.


Daniel Sinclair, The Fostering Network Comms Manager, says: “The Fostering Network is delighted with the new look and functionality of our website. Every month thousands of people – many of whom are first time visitors – come to our site to find out more about our work transforming the lives of fostered children, and it’s vital that they have a positive user experience and can navigate their way around the site easily. That’s why the new structure of our site is so important and is proving to be so effective.”


Click here for more information about Pedalo and its work membership organisations.

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