Revamp the way you network with your members online

Tuesday this week saw the first memcom mini event following our annual conference. We had the pleasure of hosting a breakfast meeting with Ashley Friedlein, CEO & Founder of new app Guild, and Rosie Atherfold, Head of DMA Group Councils, who took forty delegates from membership organisations through their thoughts on how to better engage with stakeholders and members online, and particularly on mobiles. It was such an informative and thought-provoking session – thanks to Ashley and Rosie! And there was an engaging, elongated Q&A at the end – thanks to our delegates! We hope you all went back to your desks buzzing with ideas.


Opening the session, Rosie shared her own first-hand experiences at the DMA in running their councils and regions and explored the importance of effective communication with stakeholders, members and partners online.


Ashley then talked us through how many believe that professional networking has been done poorly online, and especially on mobiles, to date. Engagement is a challenge. There is too much noise on WhatsApp, too little quality and not enough privacy. It is increasingly hard to get a response via email. LinkedIn groups are not always reliable. The mobile experience could be so much better for all.


Guild is a newly launched app which is specially designed for membership organisations to run private professional groups to message and network. Think the engagement of WhatsApp with the power of professional networking. It meets new standards yet is simple to use. It is advertising free, and GDPR compliant.


Ashley is the CEO & Founder of Guild and is one of the most influential and connected figures in digital marketing. He is author of two best-selling books on digital. A columnist, commentator and blogger, he speaks worldwide on digital and marketing trends and best practice and is involved in a number of digital businesses and ventures.

If you’d like more information about Guild, or for us to introduce you to Ashley, we’d love to connect you! Email and Julie will help with all the introductions.


Alternatively, if you’re looking at other ways of communicating with your audiences, take a look at memcom’s sister media and creative agency Matrix Media Services


And lastly, if the only thing stopping you from connecting with members is a lack of staff, we can also help you out there! Contact I am recruiting, the specialist recruitment agency for professional bodies, membership associations and NFPs.