12 Jun 2023

What’s your golden leadership rule?

Some of the expert speakers lined up for Memcom 2023 share their leadership advice

Be consciously kind, every single day. Plan it in. Make it part of your to-do list.
Jackie Scully, Think

Listen. To your members, whether that be feedback or insight from analytics; to your team, they know far better what’s going on in your organisation than you do; and to your gut instinct, although go back and listen once more before you act!
Victoria Barlow, Agenda

I have three: be empathetic, decisive and fair. The people I respected most in my career had all three in equal measure. Too much of one makes you ineffective, and empathy is a super power!
Helen Anderson, The Network One

You only really have one job as a leader and that is to get the very best out of the people around you. If you give the people you lead the time, experience, opportunities and support they need to thrive in their lives, you bask in their reflected glory.
Lee Davies, CIPA

Most people will step up when given the opportunity. If you want effective leaders give them the space to thrive, the tools to create change, and the support to fail.
Helen Kelly, Nautilus International

Create a supportive environment and always give public credit to team members for outstanding achievements. This both galvanises and motivates your team.
Dylan Mines, BrightBridge

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