02 Nov 2021

Tips to Fast Forward Transformation

Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that! – Queen of Hearts, Alice in Wonderland



How would you like your organisation and its membership to look in five years’ time? Using an Alice in Wonderland theme, this is the question we posed at a recent session of the Future Fast Forward workstream. 


Our audience of CEOs, Directors of Membership and other senior leaders from the professional association and membership sector were led to the future by our experts from Equantiis and Liquona. Delegates looked to the future and discussed how they would like to see their organisation, their membership and society in five years’ time.


Using a powerful but simple tool, we travelled forward in time and wrote a postcard back to ourselves, trying to answer the following questions:

  • What does success look like?
  • What challenges did you face? 
  • How did you overcome them?
  • What tips do you have for your present day self?


Here are some of the future visions delegates explored and would like to embrace for their organisations in the next five years... If some of these ideas resonate with you and you’d like to explore your strategic journey in a supportive peer-to-peer network, join us for our next session on 4 November at 8.30 am where we'll be exploring leading through a digital transformation. Find out more and sign up here. 


We have grown a diverse and inclusive membership reaching far beyond the community we had in 2021. The membership is engaged with a wide range of activities and not just those that are traditional “membership” and we have a strong sense of pride and belonging.

We've achieved Chartered status. 

We have a clear vision of our organisation, that acts in a considered strategic way, putting the needs of its members and the sector as a whole at the centre of everything it does. Our objectives and activities are based on understanding built on solid data, rather than individual ideas or enthusiasms, and are focused on the sector rather than internalised.

Hybrid work mode is normal for both staff and committee members. We have recruited more overseas members, participating with chapters across the world.

We are a well established Royal Academy with a strong brand for being progressive, innovative and inclusive leadership. We have changed society's view of our profession, the value it brings and the way it is involved in every part of life.

The staff culture is open, engaged and mutually supportive, backed by a progressive Board, which is open to new ideas.

We made some bold decisions to reprioritise our aims but ensure our stakeholder groups were involved along the way so they shared our vision.  We trust our judgement to think bigger and bolder.

We have a high performance culture where staff are happy and members experience this and see it.


Here's some feedback from our delegates....

It was actually very useful to push me into articulating much of what has been swirling round in my mind, but which I haven't had the time to set out.  It was also interesting to hear the perspectives of others - both where our interests cross and differ.

Thank you to everybody for sharing ideas. I enjoyed the session and have lots of implementable ideas to take back to my team.

Here are the other sessions in the Future Fast Forward Series. 

  • Leading through a digital transformation
  • Making sure your team are with you
  • Keeping on the right path
  • Reflections through the looking glass
  • Making sense of it all 

These sessions are designed to be fully interactive and conducted under Chatham House Rules to enable learning outcomes to be taken back to your organisations and implemented. 

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