Pixl8’s memcom interactive insights

Published: 16 Jun 2020
Last reviewed: 21 Sep 2020

In times of flux, it’s helpful to hear how industry peers are managing change. During memcom interactive, our headline sponsor Pixl8 has been running a series of daily polls to shed light on current trends and expected change. After a vibrant week of membership insights and inspiration, we are delighted to share the results with you.

Pixl8 and memcom are seasoned players in the membership sector. Pixl8 has been providing digital solutions for over 200 clients since 2001, including memcom and their newly launched ReadyMembership website. memcom is the network for senior leaders in the professional association and membership sector, which has provided events, thought leadership and networking since 2000.

memcom interactive has been a fantastic opportunity for us to collaborate and provide the memcom community with insights to benchmark their digital ambitions.

It allowed us to find out more about where the membership sector is now, and where it is heading. Thanks to our participants throughout the week, Pixl8 have been able to collate insights and indicative trends in their memcom interactive insights report. 

Download the report and find out more about hot topics like recent changes in member expectations and the ‘new normal’. If you are interested in running surveys and creating insightful reports for your own membership, do get in touch with the Pixl8 team at [email protected]

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