Discussing membership awards, by memcom headline conference partner, Pixl8

Published: 24 Jul 2020
Last reviewed: 22 Oct 2020

Pixl8 MD Alex Skinner and Senior Marketing Strategist Lucy Conlan were pleased to join RD Mobile CEO Russ Magnuson to chair a vibrant discussion for memcom’s roundtable event discussing the status and potential of awards in the sector.

This session delivered some really insightful conclusions as well as confirm what we’re seeing with our clients right now.

Why run Awards?

So, it is always good to run with the ‘reasons why’ first. People remember extremes in their life and if we can up the number of positive experiences for our members, their organisations and the sector that is a powerful argument for awards. 

There are few out there as individuals who do not enjoy gaining praise and recognition. However, the impact beyond this at the team and organisational level is even more powerful. 

Celebrating how we work together and collaborate makes our workplaces more enjoyable and innovatory. For an organisation, showing that they exemplify excellence can gain a higher and a cost effective level of publicity. 


Awards right now

Membership organisations still want to acknowledge the impact and contribution of their members but many are grappling with practical challenges. 

With the many uncertainties around what can happen in-person, we heard how the sector is turning to digital solutions rather than cancelling or postponing. 


Our takeout:

As a collective, we acknowledged that much can be delivered digitally but it is certainly different to the in-person experience. Knowing what works and what should be avoided is key and like many things at the moment, a degree of trial and test ahead of the real event can really reap its awards. As can getting expectations right with your members.

Here are a few of our takeouts from the session:  

Good to know:

  • There is a boost in digital engagement so some organisations are seeing a related uplift in award entries
  • Digital award activity can extend your reach - connecting email and social media to amplify your lead up to, during and after awards experience
  • Consider what you know about your audience - do they tend to take part in online events? What are their barriers and expectations? 
  • Less is more - short punchy awards may work better than longer in-person awards events
  • Late afternoon/early evening seems now more inclusive than an evening event
  • You can group people together in breakout rooms that help get the sense of dynamic and buzz that you would expect at an in-person event


Our solutions

Pixl8 has a range of digital solutions that are tailored to the membership sector including an awards package that allows people to submit entries online and also gives judges an efficient way to evaluate the responses. Entrants and judges can see their record online and are updated with email notifications. 

Our awards system integrates seamlessly with our events system, eventfolio. This means you can manage the entire process from award application, judging, awards ceremony (physical or virtual), table planning (when that’s possible again!), emails and post award surveys in a single platform.

What’s more, the awards system also integrates with Pixl8’s ReadyMembership and RD mobile’s eventsential  app.


Get in touch:

We love nothing more than finding ways to solve your challenges and deliver the best for your members. Please do get in touch with us to chat about your ideas. 

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See how it works

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