02 Jun 2023

Meet the speaker: Dylan Mines

Name: Dylan Mines

Session: Tech Trends

What will attendees gain from the session?
Insight into what and why large system delivery has very different challenges to systems of the past. Many membership organisations are still using on-premises maintained IT systems and infrastructure or a hybrid with some Cloud infrastructure. To that end, they are either embarking on migrations to Cloud services or are part way through them. Indeed, there are many overrun and overbudget projects out in the membership sector, and these have come about in no small way due to the different approaches required not being considered. I’m able to explain what these differences are, why they come about, how we overcome them, and perhaps most importantly, how they are good news for organisations when we understand them.

Dylan Mines

What’s the best piece of career advice you’ve ever received?
From my grandmother when I was a young boy: “Ignore people who tell you that you can’t achieve something.”

What’s your golden rule of leadership?
Create a supportive environment and always give public credit to team members for outstanding achievements. This both galvanises and motivates your team.

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