Meet the Membership Organisation of the Year

Published: 14 Dec 2020
Last reviewed: 19 Apr 2021

The Digital Marketing Institute won this year's memcom award for membership organisation of the year. Here we discover a few insights in to their winning success.

The Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) is a global leader in the education and certification of marketing professionals, helping people start and develop their career in digital marketing since 2009. In 2017, after securing investment from Spectrum Equity, a US-based growth equity firm, building a membership offering within the DMI student and graduate community seemed like the natural next step. And so DMI membership was launched in July 2018. 

Right now, we are proud to say we have 125,000 members, 130 global partners (including our most recent partner, the American Marketing Association), and we deliver digital marketing education and professional certification programs to audiences across six continents in 150 countries.

Membership at DMI is driven by our vision to be the definitive learning and certification community for digital marketing and digital selling professionals. Our promise to members is to present opportunities to help them stay connected, stay relevant, and stay ahead of the digital marketing game. 

Since our launch in 2018, we have strengthened this offering and have updated our brand - demonstrating how membership has become an integral part of DMI.

Whilst the premise of our promise has remained - the language has evolved. We offer our members an energized, credible, and sharp professional membership body that promises to “Get In The Game” for them and with them. Today we offer over 125,000 DMI Members, Power and Power+ Members the platform to learn, share, and collaborate.


Tell us about your membership structure

We have three tiers of members. DMI members are those with a free member account with DMI. Our Power Members are paying members and our Power+Members are our DMI-certified members who have completed one of our rigorous professional certifications and are actively engaged in our program of continuous professional development (CPD).


How did you support your members during the Covid-19 Pandemic?

The importance of membership has been reaffirmed during the pandemic. As a global membership community in a time of universal uncertainty, we saw our privileged position to really support our community in practical and professionally supportive ways. As an organisation we rallied to ensure that all programme and member services continued uninterrupted. By providing supportive content and communications which helped our members to overcome, grow, and adapt to their varied changing environments. We have been able to reassure, provide real empathy, authenticity, and support - to demonstrate that our commitment to our members was stronger than ever. 

We recognised that keeping all lines of communication clearly open was key - to make sure that members got a swift response to any queries or concerns. Indeed, we probably overcommunicated - with the aim of ensuring that members felt they were informed and we were responsive and flexible to ensure they received the highest standards of service. 

Some of the ways we did this:

  • offering free access to membership and program content for a period of 3 months, giving a helping hand-tp to those in difficult situations; 
  • running virtual open day webinars to allow members to experience exactly what their learning and membership journey with DMI looks like;
  • providing significant discounts to those that wanted to upskill and certify during Covid;
  • we undertook a comprehensive survey of members and published a whitepaper looking at how the pandemic was impacting and changing the professional landscape for individuals and organizations and what might continue post-Covid, (
  • we organized free webinars that addressed the gaps and needs identified through this Covid research;
  • published highly-practical articles on highly relevant topics like working from home advice, and how to prepare for an online interview;
  • we initiated a News Review column that wrapped up key digital marketing and sales news globally on a fortnightly, then monthly, basis; 
  • our membership manager published regular updates that spoke to struggles that members were experiencing and provided practical advice and guidance that could help them retain a degree of normalcy.


Tell us about recent innovations

As membership is still a relatively new enterprise for DMI, we are always innovating and launching new aspects and value-adds to our membership offering. 

Below are some of the innovations we stormed ahead with in 2020 :

Launched our podcast ‘Ahead of the Game’ which quickly gained 5 stars on iTunes.  With one episode every two weeks, we have already released 20 episodes and received over 10,000 plays. The podcast offers some great practical insights and advice from real-life digital marketers of all types, ideal for any listener on their daily commute or, more likely, given the times we are in, their daily walk.

We have focused on delivering new member-focused initiatives and launched our “Member Showcase Series’ - a video segment where DMI Members get to introduce themselves and share their experiences within the industry. This empowers our members to tell their stories, share their life stories and lessons to inspire others, and to connect with and inform the community. 

We have also utilised our popular community forum to help this active worldwide community seek and find job opportunities through dedicated threads, and we have been actively supporting this through sharing any job opportunities we are aware of through our subject matter experts and industry advisory council. This initiative is just the precursor of our planned 2021 project to more fully support our members in their career progression and evolution by turning their profiles into shareable professional resumes, creating a member directory and creating a centralized career space inclusive of a jobs board.


How did you measure impact and success?

We have been incredibly fortunate this year to record impressive results.

Our membership base grew between February 2020 and December 2020 by 72,000 members, and our Google review rating increased from 4.4 to 4.6 in the same period. We’ve run 12 webinars this year and seen 19,687 people register and 7,528 attend. 40% of our members are actively engaging with our membership offering on a regular basis. We have over 2,000 of our certified members actively participating in CPD.

We recently conducted a survey where 89% of eligible members stated that CPD validates their skills, knowledge, and professional acumen. In the same survey, 87% of members said their DMI Certification is valuable or very valuable, and 54% said their career has benefited following achieving a DMI Certification.

But those stats aside - our success is really measured by the feedback, passion, and enthusiasm that our members show for being part of the DMI, through gaining our certifications, enjoying our webinars and content, and benefiting from this global community.

Here's a short video from DMI Power Member Rod Strother on his learning experience:


“I find the DMI webinars to be some of the best that I attend, and I'm always excited to sign up for the next one. Thanks for all of the effort to make this webinar and the ones throughout the year so useful". - Linda



“#DMIMember - If any of my contacts think to expand their knowledge in digital marketing, there is just one Institute I can recommend from the bottom of my heart." - David 


Our greatest strength and DMI’s own ambition comes from our member network. It is an honour and a privilege to serve a community that delivers an exceptional standard of professionalism in the field of digital marketing and sales. Together we are a stronger profession. Here, at DMI we will continue to deliver on our promise to “Get in The Game” for them and with them.


About the memcom membership excellence awards

The memcom awards celebrate success in the fields of People & Leadership, Marketing & Communications, Digital, Engagement and Print. The 2021 awards are now open for nominations and more details can be found here.