Interview with Suzanne Peck, President, Institute of Internal Communication

Published: 04 Jun 2020
Last reviewed: 10 Jul 2020

We spoke to Suzanne Peck, President of the Institute of Internal Communication and one the keynote speakers at memcom interactive.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and Sequel / Institute of Internal Communication

Suzanne Peck: I’ve specialised in employee communications and engagement for more than 30 years, working for corporate organisations and agencies. I’m also president of the UK’s IC industry membership association – the Institute of Internal Communication. I’ve been involved with the institute for just under 30 years.


We loved  your session at memcom interactive. What were the key takeaways for delegates from this session?

We help organisations be more productive places and shared insight from our research and measurement work with clients – large and small. We’re fortunate that through that work we get to see what goes on behind the scenes, and get a first-hand look at what’s important to employees across a wide range of businesses. We selected three key communication trends that we think are having the biggest impact on audiences – now more than ever.


What do you think are the challenges and opportunities we can expect to see over the next year?

Trust is a big challenge right now. Edelman talk about a ‘reckoning’ coming for organisations about how they are treating their people during the pandemic – especially if the perception is that ‘profit before people’ has driven actions, and that affects people inside and outside the organisation. Remote working and collaboration is a massive opportunity and will work alongside the digitalisation of processes, systems and interactions that will transform business.


What trends are you seeing now? 

Technology always tops the agenda, how quickly we’re all having to adapt – and thinking about what the future workplace will mean to us all as employees. Employee wellbeing and the mental health of our workforces as we learn to adapt to new working is becoming more important too.


Suzanne's talk will be available on memcom on demand from 15 June.