How to Meet Year-End Targets in Times of Change

As a result of members having no choice but to seek information and support online, many organisations have seen their levels of digital traffic increase in recent months. Here are our thoughts on how you can use this traction to make the most of your digital systems and hit year end targets.

11 Nov 2020

Reflect on your value

It’s well known that understanding the wants and needs of your members, as well as how to meet them, is key to acquisition and retention. However, this year you also need to consider recent changes and how they may affect what you know about your members.


It’s time to reflect on your in-person value propositions and consider how they can be adapted for a fully-online audience. A digital membership programme has the potential of a much larger reach, so it is important to develop an approach based on verified insights and evidence.


Understand your data

To understand the changes you’ve seen this year, we recommend to make use of increased web traffic to verify what you know about your members.


Some of your insights may need updating as a result of the pandemic; perhaps your members’ personal circumstances, job positions, email addresses or topics of interest have changed. Asking your members to complete a quick poll on your website can be a great way to close any knowledge gaps. 


Another worthwhile activity is to review the data available through services such as Google Analytics. This will help you to understand how your members are interacting with your website now in comparison to  different periods in time. By regularly reflecting on these analytics, you will be able to highlight challenges and the opportunities as they arise.


Boost engagement

Being aware of challenges and opportunities can help you to enhance your website’s conversion levels.


Optimising CTAs and strategically placing them across your web pages can be a quick win to boost member retention and engagement. What was important before may not be as important now so you need to make sure that your content still aligns with your members’ needs.


In times of change, it is important to stay agile and be aware of how you can adapt.


We understand the pressure that some organisations are under this year and that taking time out for these kinds of reviews can seem challenging. At Pixl8, we support membership organisations and provide digital solutions. We can review your site’s analytics, help optimise your landing page or provide strategic guidance to improve conversion.


Do get in touch if you’d like to talk more about how we can support you and your team. We’d love to hear from you.