08 Feb 2022

Five reasons to enter the memcom excellence awards

1. Show members your value

The past year or so has been a testing time all round and for many organisations, this has meant cuts across the board. Some membership organisations have seen an all-time high with engagement levels, others have seen their member numbers drop off. Being recognised as a Memcom excellence award winner is a tool to add to your kit when you are engaging with members, both existing and prospective.


2. Analyse where you’re at, inspire where you’re going

Evaluating work is key to future success. So why not use the entry process itself as a valuable opportunity for evaluation. The entry process provides a space to have an internal discussion about a project or campaign so that you can identify what was so successful about it and why it deserves to win an award. So, who knows… it may spark ideas for future award-winning ideas?


3. Celebrate your successes… in more ways than one

A side note to the previous point… entering and winning an award is obviously a great way to celebrate success, but the process itself also provides an opportunity to celebrate. When the time comes to choose which project, person or campaign you’d like to enter an award, gather your team and encourage them to think about one or two examples of great work. Use the process as an opportunity to celebrate all your successes internally and then, if you happen to win, it’s a huge bonus!


4. Stand out from the crowd

Winning an award is a great way to be seen as an industry leader. If you’re looking for a new opportunity to position yourself as different or unique from your competitors, being recognised for winning an award based on excellence is the perfect way to do just that.


5. Another shop window

Entering an award is also an extra marketing tool to get your name in front of a new crowd. Memcom is the hub of membership organisations, a place where CEOs and senior leaders connect and come together to network. So, by entering into the Memcom excellence awards, your brand might just be exposed to a whole new audience.


Find out more about the categories, this year’s judges and information on entering an award on our 2022 awards page. Good luck!