22 Sep 2021

Digital projects - tips for success 

How can you get ready to approach a digital project within your business? What’s the best way to work alongside a digital agency? Even though each project is different, the same challenges arise in different forms. However, there are simple things that you can do to mitigate these issues and make the most of working with your agency.  


Whether your digital project is small-scale or involves a comprehensive replacement of your existing systems, there are things that your team can do before a project starts to set things up for success.


Jessica Dearlove, Senior Project Manager, Pixl8 Group


Here are five top tips: 

  1. Select your team

Who is going to help you internally? Migrating to a new platform requires a significant amount of time. If you are doing this on top of your day job, make sure you allocate enough time to helping move the project along - especially if you are responsible for creating the content or pages. In order to work most efficiently, your agency project manager needs a single key contact from your organisation to work closely with throughout the project. Agile project management means frequent delivery of the tech to get early and regular feedback. If it can’t be you, choose someone who has the bandwidth to give the agency that level of feedback and support.


  1. Cleanse your data

Tidy up your data, merge duplicates and strip out legacy data that you don’t use. Interrogate every data point you collect - what do you actually do with it? If nothing, strip it out of the data migration. If you and your team don’t have time for this, perhaps consider involving third parties that can help you with your data and get you ready to start your digital project. 


  1. Put platform users first

Write up profiles for all your different member types, give them personas and imagine what each of them wants from the platform and how they are using it. Try and keep this in the forefront of your mind at every stage of the project. Consider the information hierarchy that each website user expects to see. What's most important to each one? We can tailor information on your site using conditional content to serve different users different messages. This will make the site more relevant and increase engagement.


  1. Try to adopt the most simple technical solutions

This is something to bear in mind at the scoping stage when you start to work through your detailed requirements with your consultant. Simplicity is a key principle of agile project management, which we follow at Pixl8. Heavily customised platforms might seem like they will deliver convenience, but having lots of customisations makes it more difficult and expensive to keep your site up to date with the latest versions of the technology. 


  1. Spring clean your platform content first 

A new platform is a great opportunity to cut some of the dead wood out of your site         content. Look at Google Analytics - what are people looking at most and how long are they dwelling on it? What kinds of content do they seem to visit and for how long? What are they not looking at? 


These aren’t all quick or simple steps, but follow them and you will be set up for the successful delivery of your digital projects.


For more tips on digital delivery and strategy visit the Pixl8 website


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