08 Oct 2021

Best Podcast of the Year


Lee:                 Hiya mate, how are you?


Gwilym:           I am very well thank you, how about you?


Lee:                 Pretty good. Slowly adjusting to a world that is starting to feel a bit more like normal. I have even been to a couple of in-person events, which feels scary and exciting at the same time. Anything exciting in your diary recently?


Gwilym:           Funny you should mention that, Someone not a million miles away dragged me off to that Memcom Membership Excellence Awards last week. That was a pretty fun night out.


Lee:                 Ooh, tell me more. Did you win an award?


Gwilym:          You tease, you know full well that our little CIPA podcast, Two IPs In A Pod, picked up the Best Podcast Award.


Lee:                 I know. How amazing was that? It was a great night. Brilliant to be back with old friends from the world of membership and make new acquaintances. That’s the great thing about Memcom gigs, you get an incredibly diverse bunch of people working in associations who love a party. There seemed to be people stopping us all night for a chat.


Gwilym:          That might have had something to do with the glittery green sequined jackets and spangly silver shirts you made us wear!


Lee:                 Well, we had to look the part. I have a reputation to maintain.


Gwilym:           Yeah, right! Anyway, there is something I have been meaning to ask you.


Lee:                 Fire away.


Gwilym:           I’m new to all this association stuff, how on earth did our podcast win an award?


Lee:                Great question. First and foremost, Two IPs is awesome. When we initially agreed to do it, I had reservations. After all, who other than patent attorneys are interested in intellectual property law? Turns out if you have a couple of hosts who have a natural relationship, with a bit of friendly banter, and then plug them into an eclectic bunch of guests from the world of IP and beyond, people want to listen. I think it helps that you are the seasoned IP professional, there with the expert questions, and I am the innocent bystander, happy to ask the daft questions.


Gwilym:           We have a natural relationship?


Lee:                 I know, it’s not easy talking about ourselves and Two IPs is absolutely about the guests and their experiences, but I think we have to accept that the buzz between us is part of the story. The main factor, however, is that we always set out to make Two IPs professional but fun. We encourage our guests to share their stories in the most engaging way. I generally forget we are recording a podcast and end up just having an enjoyable conversation with whoever we have on. And you, of course. Then it is all down to the magic of Producer Fran.


Gwilym:           Big up Producer Fran. I was so chuffed when she won the Outstanding Contribution Award.


Lee:                 How well deserved was that? The podcast wouldn’t be what it is without Producer Fran and Logistics Lucy working so hard to create the show. Let’s not forget that Fran taught herself everything she needed to know about podcast production in super-quick time. In short, I think Two IPs won the award because it is the very essence of Associations Week, it is all about showcasing the people who work in and around associations and telling their stories in an accessible way.


Gwilym:           Gotcha. Still not sure how that translates into actually winning an award.


Lee:                That’s still part of the storytelling, mate. In my opinion, a successful awards nomination has to tell a story that people want to read. Our nomination focussed on the people behind the podcast and the guests we have had on the show. After all, their stories are our story. Of course metrics are important and we were able to show how the podcast is listened to inside and outside of the patent attorney profession, in the UK and around the world. In the world of awards, hard evidence is really, really important… downloads, streaming platforms, that sort of stuff… but the quantitative stuff without the people is only a fraction of the story. It is always about the people.


Gwilym:          It’s simple really, then. Tell your story in an engaging way. Make it about the people involved but don’t forget the evidence.


Lee:                 That just about sums it up mate. Read the nomination criteria but don’t get wrapped up in ticking boxes. If you have a good story to tell, the boxes tick themselves.



Listen to the award winning podcast Two IPs in a Pod here.