Ask the Expert: Your CRM Challenges Solved

Ben Sturt, our resident expert from Chrysalis Digital answers more of the common challenges around CRM systems.

06 Jan 2021

What latest trends are organisations using when it comes to dynamic content?


Dynamic content and personalisation that offer real value, can only happen if your organisation has quality data.  By quality data we mean data that is clean, current, and integrated across platforms which includes data from CRM, web, email marketing, events, LMS and more.  


Those organisations that do this well are spending time, money and effort on deep integrations primarily between website and CRM.  Developing a member portal is not a deep integration, as it is limited to the portal, so cannot offer the extensive personalisation across all website content. Suppliers that do this well have developed tools that allow website users and members to literally trip over content that is both personalised and relevant to them at any time during their website journey, not just within a member portal.


What would you choose as the top 5 most important aspects of personalisation?


So for us the 5 most important aspects of personalisation are;

  1. Understand what data you want to be capturing and why. i.e. what does your ‘single customer view’ SCV, look like.
  2. Remove unnecessary silo’s of data and clean your data, archiving unwanted data.
  3. Integrate and merge data where relevant to your desired SCV.
  4. Work closely with your website and CRM suppliers to understand the integration possibilities and likely costs and benefits to achieving your dynamic content / personalisation goals.
  5. Have a crystal clear vision of how you will measure the success, benefits and outcomes of investing in delivering personalised content to your website audience.


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Ben Sturt is Managing Director of Chrysalis Digital


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