Ask the Expert: Your CRM Challenges Solved

Ben Sturt, our resident expert from Chrysalis Digital answers more of the common challenges around CRM systems.

03 Feb 2021

The board want to wait before they invest in new digital technology but to grow the organisation we need to change. What else can we do to convince them that investment is needed?             

Being candid, if the board cannot see the benefits digital technology deliver in this pandemic then you are fighting a bit of an uphill battle! That said, forget the technology piece for the moment and concentrate instead on where your organisation is struggling to deliver member services and how this impacts on renewals and demonstrating member value. To get to this point start by undertaking some basic process mapping to highlight where the inefficiencies lie and the resulting challenges in delivering those member services. Together with this, map the data capture points across the process and you’ll soon start to see a pattern of fragmented, siloed data that, with the correct investment into an integrated digital suite, will reverse the trend into something that will enhance internal membership knowledge and so deliver a more personalised and valuable set of services.


We have so much data on our members but to use it we have to pull so many reports – is there a simpler way?

This is all too common for many organisations as there normally exists a legacy of an unstructured system architecture that, by default, returns siloed data and minimal reports with little business value. Apart from the obvious (embarking on a full process, system and data audit and subsequent re-platforming), the other option is to look at some data visualisation software that has the ability to take multiple data sources and turn it into more meaningful automated reporting which allows better decisions based on data, not assumptions. Such data visualisation software include; Microsoft Power BI, Tableau and Qlik. To work with this software, you will need professional help to set up the reports but it acts as a more affordable and immediate solution to your reporting challenges.


Ben Sturt is Managing Director of Chrysalis Digital


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