Ask the Expert: Your CRM Challenges Answered

Published: 16 Dec 2020
Last reviewed: 08 Apr 2021

Ben Sturt, our resident expert from Chrysalis Digital answers some of the common challenges around CRM systems.

Today we have so many manual processes, this has to change!  What is the best starting point?


You are not alone, we have worked with many clients in the same situation. Mapping out the key business processes lays the foundation for any change. Once you have done this you can focus on what needs to be changed, where you will benefit from automation and most importantly what systems you need to evaluate and therefore potentially invest in. Doing this piece work also ensures potential system suppliers understand your challenges and can begin to suggest possible off the shelf solutions.


We are not getting buy-in at Board level to invest in digital technology now, they say we should wait until things have calmed down. Is this right?               


In our opinion no, we know it’s hard to invest when there is so much uncertainty but digital adoption is not going away, your members have had to adapt and interact with you for 6 months digitally. We don’t see a complete replacement for all the face to face interaction, people like people, but there’s so much you can do and learn about your members digitally, this saves money for the organisation but also opens up new engagement possibilities. Understanding and mapping their behaviour enables you to target and engage them in relevant messages – this can increase member value/ engagement and potential revenue if done right.


We have a lot of data across multiple systems and struggle to understand what is useful and what is not. Where do we start?


Start with a system audit and map out your business processes across the organisation, this will show you what you have and most importantly what you are using them for. As organisations grow new systems can be adopted for point solutions, which may no longer be needed. Understanding what you have and what you need is key, once you have this you can start to look at the next steps.


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Ben Sturt is Managing Director of Chrysalis Digital


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