Ask the Expert - Personalisation

Published: 21 Oct 2020
Last reviewed: 24 Nov 2020

Your chance to ask all your burning questions about Personalisation to Mike Hughes, Managing Director of Latcham Direct.

We all know how important personalisation can be for our business. Whether it's personalising content for your members, or personalising sytems to work for your organisation's individual needs.

But how to achieve true peronalisation? Well why not ask an expert. Mike Hughes is the Managing Director of Latcham Direct and takes responsibility for the strategic direction of the business and the day to day management of over 100 members of staff, across two sites. He specialises in direct marketing and document fulfilment including data, personalisation, print, mail and digital marketing.

Add in your questions for Mike below and we'll release his answers in our next blog.

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Here are some of the questions submitted so far:

"Our CRM system is antiquated and not user friendly, how easy is it to personalise my renewal documentation?"

"When you talk about personalisating content for members, are you just talking about text? What else can we do?"

"How regularly do we need to cleanse our data in order to avoid undeliverable mail and returns to keep up with the mail preference service?"

"How can I make my data work harder for my busines and allow me a better ROI and what techniques are available to me?"

"How can we use analytics to improve our member engagement and experience?