A digital world of excellence

Digital optimisation has quickly become a reality for so many organisations directly because of the pandemic. It's now time to celebrate the success of those that have done it well.

17 Feb 2021

Fast digital innovation has been one of the leading storylines between COVID-19 and the business world. Some are saying we have been accelerated into the future of digital by around ten years, whilst others are saying, rather conservatively, just a few months. Whatever your timeframe, it is hard to argue entirely against the idea of digital optimisation being fast-tracked as a result of the pandemic.

What once was in the 5-year digital optimisation plan quickly became a reality for so many organisations – including memcom! Last year saw the quick turnaround of memcom interactive after restrictions meant we had to adapt our annual conference from being in person to fully online. This digital adoption has now been built on for a bigger and better conference this coming June. Taking the conference hybrid was something that had been discussed internally as something to implement in the near future, but never something we imagined would have an 8-week turnaround.

With quick acceleration like this happening across the sector as well as great everyday digital work, it is more important than ever to recognise the innovation and hard work that has been put into creating and implementing your digital efforts over the past year.

The memcom excellence awards have always celebrated digital quality, whether that be in marketing, events or membership, but this year we expect to see the bar rose higher and the desire to be recognised for digital innovation far greater than ever before.

Being recognised for making a positive impact within your organisation, to members, or to stakeholders because of your digital work brings with it a whole host of benefits and positives. Be a recognised front runner in digital excellence, shine a light on the digital project that you are most proud of and stand out from your competitors: there is no better time to highlight the talent within your own organisation to boost staff morale and productivity, whilst also showing your members that their membership is great value for money.

To find out more about the categories, information on how to enter and to see this year’s judges, visit our 2021 awards page.

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