Profile Piece: Matrix Media Services Group

memcom’s media buying and creative sister agency, Matrix Media Services Group specialises in recruitment and talent-attraction media services. We interviewed founder and Executive Director of Matrix MSG, Jim Smith about this new addition to The I Am Group.

Can you briefly summarise what matrix msg is all about?

In summary matrix msg is a media buying and recruitment advertising service for clients who may not receive enough attention from the larger, more expensive advertising agencies who do not specialise in recruitment. We plan and negotiate the right media at the right price and the right time, saving them time, effort and money. It is literally a win-win, free-to-use professional service.


Is it just you?

I’m backed up by a team of handpicked freelance experts: designers, copywriters, social media and digital experts, creatives and others – so we actually do a lot more than the above, including all of the creative work, but you asked for a summary!


So why does the memcom world need matrix msg?

Any manager who has ever recruited for their own team needs matrix msg to ensure they’re spending the right money in the right places. If you’re not a recruitment expert, you might be tempted to advertise where everybody else advertises, without knowing if you’re likely to attract any good candidates. A huge part of the free service is helping clients to understand the advertising market; its demographic changes constantly.


So talk me through what you do?

We help clients to attract the best talent through advertising. This could be through ensuring the best copy is promoted to your potential audience. Many companies advertise just job descriptions which perform poorly on job boards through the lack of SEO. We will help to find the right audience for you – there are so many job boards and recruitment advertising channels that sometimes you might not know where to begin. Quite simply we will advise you where to place an advert, secure the best price for you and then book the media and handle all the subsequent administration for you.


Why have you started matrix msg?

We have started matrix msg, because so many larger advertising agencies are not that interested in media solutions anymore. Oddly there is now a gap in the market. Most recruitment advertising agencies these days chase large clients, with large projects, in an effort to win awards. Many clients are overlooked from a recruitment advertising point of view – and therefore are left struggling to either do it themselves or pay enormous project management and account handling fees.


Is it not a risky time to start a new business, what with the BREXIT uncertainty ahead?

Is there ever a time when starting a new business isn’t risky?! We know that whatever happens in the future, there will always be a need to advertise jobs. There will always be a demand to recruit, and as we don’t charge any account management fees it doesn’t cost anything to use matrix msg. In fact as we can often secure most media cheaper than if you went through another agency or if you went directly.


So how can you buy the media cheaper?

Haha well I have been doing this for nearly 15 years now. I have a good network of contacts within the media industry and it is simply down to media buying power and strong relationships.


How do people contact you?

I’m easy to contact, either by email or phone 078007 70785, so the next time you’re planning to recruit, feel free to get in touch – and I’ll make sure your recruitment budget is used to the greatest effect.