memcom on demand

1 - 5 June 2020

Digital Conference


Access cutting-edge content from the comfort of your home or office!

memcom on demand allows you to download whatever you want whenever you want it, so you can engage in membership excellence with the latest insights, research and strategies from the membership sector without leaving home.

memcom on demand allows you to access selected content from the 2020 memcom interactive conference, so you can learn from thought leaders in the field, address your managerial challenges or revisit the sessions you most enjoyed.

Many of the sessions will be recorded and new content released each day throughout memcom interactive week - so bookmark this page now!

DAY 1 - Wellbeing: people

Today we focus on the two most important aspects of membership associations: their employees and the membership they represent. Themes discussed include: mental health and wellbeing, personal development, equality, diversity and inclusion, looking after those in lockdown, people and culture.

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DAY 2 - Rebalancing: purpose & business

Day 2's focus is on recentring your organisation’s purpose, working out whether or not your membership offering and income streams are still viable in a post-Covid-19 world, and taking a look at the way that you work.

Themes discussed will include: recentring your organisation’s purpose; digitalisation of your assets; plugging income gaps; reforecasting with confidence; reserves and risk in uncertain times; sweating those assets; cost effective systems 

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DAY 3 - Communication: influence & voice

In times of crisis, the country turns to experts for leadership, so how do you ensure that your lobbying is successful, your voices are heard, and your leadership is recognised?

The communications actions your organisation takes now might well influence your survival in the months to come. 

Themes discussed will include: effective lobbying; how to get your voice heard above the noise; Fighting Fake News; Communicating with confidence; lasting member engagement in the new uncertainty

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DAY 4 - Reimagination: practical change

Day 4's session is for today’s leaders to get together to work out what tomorrow’s organisations – and the sector - look like.

Through a series of thought-provoking and inspirational presentations, roundtables and keynotes, we’ll try to plan for a future so that nobody gets caught out.

Themes discussed will include: governance: do you still need it; Reimagining the new normal; what does the workforce of the future look like; the relevance of AI in a post-covid world; will we have offices?

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DAY 5 - Sustainabilty: sustainable working

Celebrating World Environment Day and drawing Association’s Week to a close on a positive note, we’ll be looking towards sustainable and resilient ways of working which don’t harm the planet, and don’t cost the earth.

We’ll be asking members to take simple pledges which will save them money and reduce waste, and imagining a happier, greener economy which is vital for our future growth.

Themes discussed will include: greener ways of working; green engagement; how to influence your membership; ethical investments and sustainable business.

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