memcom 20th anniversary conference

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memcom is dedicated to serving professional associations, membership organisations and the wider not-for-profit sector. Our annual flagship event, the memcom conference and awards will take place on Thursday June 20th 2019 at Bishopsgate, London so please watch this space for news about the event.


Scroll down to read a summary of the streams and topics this year’s delegates can expect at the conference, under the theme ‘Leading into the Future’. This year’s conference will be a full day event, maximising the learning, sharing and networking the event is so famous for. Tickets can now be purchased from our event page on Eventbrite.


Early Bird tickets offering a 25% discount* are currently available using voucher code ‘memcom25’ on Eventbrite.

*NFP organisations only, all tickets apart from Awards table, offer expires 31st March

memcom 20th anniversary conference – Leading into the Future

Venue: Bishopsgate, London


Launched in 2000, memcom has consistently led the way in thought leadership in the membership sector for over two decades. This year, the memcom conference will move to a full day’s event for the first time in its 20 year history. Allowing more time for learning, debating and networking, this year’s overarching conference theme is ‘Leading into the Future’. The conference will open with a plenary session followed by breakout streams on the themes of StrategyMembership, Marketing and Communications, Finance, People and Leadership, Commercial Opportunities, Digital, Data & Technology, Influence and Governance.


As ever, our speakers will be addressing the key issues of today through a series of talks, debates, panel discussions and roundtables. We’ll also be presenting research on key conference themes. Delegates will be able to move freely between streams depending on preference. Tickets can now be purchased from our event page on Eventbrite


Early Bird tickets offering a 25% discount* are currently available using voucher code ‘memcom25’ on Eventbrite.

*NFP organisations only, all tickets apart from Awards table, offer expires 31st March


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                           Conference streams


Stream 1 – Big picture strategy

What does the membership economy landscape look like as we enter the 2020s? Themes will cover: forecasts for the UK economy; leadership in the age of digital disruption and coping with the pace of change; digital transformation; cybersecurity; diversity and inclusion within the professions; the workforce of the 2020s.

Who should attend? CEOs, Senior Leadership Team, Board Members.

Roundtable theme: Risk awareness and appetite.


Stream 2 – Membership, Marketing and Communications: Rebooting your membership

What are the key trends membership professionals should expect over the next few years? Themes will cover: membership engagement; future trends in membership; new models of membership; different approaches to international membership propositions; measuring ROI; making your membership proposition truly member centric and attractive to different audiences; CPD latest trends.

Who should attend? Directors and Managers of Membership, Marketing & Communications.


Stream 3: Finance: Safety in Numbers

What are the emerging trends in finance for membership organisations? Themes will cover: fraud prevention measures; employment taxes and the debate around employment status, benefits, pensions and IR35; investment portfolio for profit, developing ethical investment policies and a healthy reserves policy.

Who should attend? CEOs, Board Members, Finance Directors, Members of the Senior Leadership Team


Stream 4: People and Leadership

In the constant drive for attracting and retaining a talented workforce, what should membership organisations be doing to ensure the best and brightest talent are attracted and retained? Themes will include: recruiting and retaining millennials; aligning social purpose, values, ethics with your organisational mission; using apprenticeships to attract key talent; diversity and inclusion in the workforce; addressing gender pay equality; leadership in the age of digital disruption; new models in training future leaders and building a resilient workforce; managing and recruiting volunteers – what are the implications for volunteer branches and IR35?

Who should attend? HR and L&D professionals, CEOs of smaller organisations

Roundtable theme: Losing the Fear of Employment Tribunals.


Stream 5: Commercial Opportunities: Follow the Money

What are the emerging trends in income generation for membership organisations? Themes will cover: new commercial models; diversification of income and revenue generating trends; saying ‘no’ for profit – getting rid of your sacred cows; trends in events revenue; embracing technology (mixing traditional audiences with new tech savvy audiences); latest thinking in developing your content strategy; entering new markets; different approaches to international membership.

Who should attend? CEOs, Board Members, FDs, Members of the Senior Leadership Team

Research presented: Emerging trends in income generation for membership organisations.


Stream 6: Digital, Data & Technology

Themes will include: Artificial Intelligence and how it is being applied by businesses and professional bodies today; engaging with your online community (even those who are never going to be members); reaching new audiences in new ways e.g. vlogging; creating your content strategy; encouraging digital behaviours; data for good; e-learning trends; digital multi-channel – owned, earned and paid.

Who should attend? Digital Team, IT, Member Services

Round table them: IT Confidential.


Stream 7: Influence / Public Affairs

Themes covered will include: lobbying and campaigning; ethics of lobbying; using your volunteers as influencers; public affairs on a shoestring; delivering effective public affairs in uncertainty; conveying powerful communications.

Who should attend? Head of Public Affairs, PR, CEOs


Stream 8: Governance

With so many high-profile governance failures in the corporate world and beyond, this session will look at some of the key governance challenges today. Themes will cover: what good governance looks like for professional bodies, trade associations and membership charities; how do you choose a good governance model and how do you effect change and bring your members with you; what should board composition look like; how to ensure diversity and cultural differences (both organisational and individual personalities); how to ensure ongoing training & development; how do you change without going back to your membership for agreement; how to empower your trustees/executive board; what ethical codes should be covered?

Who should attend? CEO, FD, Board Members, Legal

Round table them: Chief Executive on the Board.

Research presented: Governance models.