The importance of collaborative working

Sunday July 30th marked the International Day of Friendship, a day where some governments, organisations and community groups choose to run events and initiatives that promote unity and cooperation.

This date fuelled some thought around B2B collaboration between organisations in our sector, something which MemCom not only assists in during the annual Conference & Awards event, which takes place in May each year, but tries to foster throughout the year as well.

It’s a universal truth that, by combining learnings, skills and experiences, organisations can achieve more than if they worked completely in silo. This withstanding, it goes without saying that collaborative organisations need to have a mutual trust in order to communicate effectively and overcome any challenges brought about by the benefits of collaboration. Below are some articles about collaboration between organisations that we hope you will find of interest. Please do comment below with any more articles / thoughts that you’d like to share.

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Articles about collaboration:

The checklist below aims to assist Chief Executives, managers and Trustees in their decision on whether to embark on collaborative working by compiling key issues for consideration:

Should you collaborate?


The article below details the benefits of collaboration such as: saving costs through sharing administrative expenses; improving efficiency; strengthening initiatives and developing leadership skills.

Benefits of collaboration

Collaborative working is obviously not without its risks. Here’s an article detailing some of the benefits and risks:

Benefits and risks


Here’s a good working example of collaboration I’m sure most of you are familiar with – Fed-IP is a federation of professional bodies working together to support the best health and care possible. It’s organised by a coalition comprising of BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, CILIP, IHRIM and Socitm.

Well connected campaign

The article from the Guardian below details why collaboration is important to charities:


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