How to win an award

Interested in some award-winning tips?


Well first of all you need to actually enter one…

Sounds obvious but have you ever noticed how some organisations seem to have won a plethora of awards and really celebrate their achievements with bulging trophy cabinets brightening up their office walls? Well here’s a little secret… you very rarely get to win an award unless you actually enter one.

So how do you go about becoming an award-winning organisation? As entry for the 2018 memcom membership excellence awards has just opened, here are a few tips.


Research suitable awards

What type of award would consolidate your position in the market? Are you looking to profile your people, your products or your achievements? In an ideal world it would be all of these. There are loads of award ceremonies out there, so do your research. Boost Marketing lists various different industry awards on their website here.


Choose your nominations carefully

Think about what you’ve achieved in the past 12 months (or whatever the qualifying period is). Questions that you might like to consider include: where can you create a point of difference with your competitors? What awards reflect your core offering or achievements that you are most proud of? Awards can be time consuming so think strategically as to what you would like to achieve.

Follow the instructions

It might sound obvious, but do read the nomination instructions and criteria carefully and make sure you follow them, supplying evidence and hard data as required. If you are in any doubt about the criteria, do contact the award organisers for clarification.


Use storytelling to demonstrate success and impact

Depending on the award being entered, it’s highly likely that the judges may want to know what your objectives were beforehand, what you set out to achieve, how you planned to measure success, as well as the actual results themselves. Make sure that you include plenty of quantifiable data, but do also include some anecdotal evidence. Stories are a great way to demonstrate your point and convey your message and – most importantly – your impact (but don’t forget that a good story will need to be backed up by strong facts in order to win an award).


Create a joint entry with one of your business partners or suppliers

If you’ve done some work collaboratively, maybe a business partner or supplier could help write the award nomination with you. For instance, if you outsource services such as magazine printing, website research or CRM systems, the supplier may consider entering the awards on your behalf.


Make time

Don’t underestimate how long it will take you to complete the application form for the award, so plan early and ask for help if needed.


The PR benefits of winning

If you are successful in being short-listed or winning an award, the benefits can be immense. As well as enjoying the celebration of the ceremony itself, winning an award can enhance your career, boost team morale and even help you to win new business or projects. The DMA Awards 2016 research revealed that a win can mean much more than just a trophy for the victor, as winners also perform better in commercial terms than non-winners, with 56% of winners in the top half of their industry ROI performance – compared to 44% for non-winners.

Ensure that you have a communications strategy in place to capitalise on your winnings, which can enhance the benefits of winning an award for weeks, months or even years after the initial ceremony and photo opportunities have faded.


Celebrate your industry and enter the memcom membership excellence awards!

If you work in a professional body, membership association or NFP organisation and this has inspired you, why not enter a memcom 2018 award?

There are 28 prestigious awards in total, split into three main categories:

  • people category – from suppliers to staff and even volunteers, the people awards celebrate the positive impact that both individuals and teams have on the sector and the professions, giving the opportunity to offer public recognition to the people behind the achievements
  • marketing, communications and membership category – from campaigns to products, magazines to events, these awards celebrate the strategic and tactical creativity which drive up membership standards in the sector
  • innovation category – from social mobility and equality and diversity, to leadership and outstanding contribution to society, these awards highlight the positive impact that our sector has on professions and society as a whole

Judged by sector leaders, these awards are your opportunity to shine and showcase the best of our sector.

Find out more about the memcom 2018 awards here.

If you have any enquiries about entering, or indeed sponsoring, a memcom 2018 award please email

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