Memcom Excellence Awards 2022

The Memcom Excellence Awards 2022 are judged independently by our judging panels who are chosen for their expertise and experience. A huge thank you to all our judges for all the hard work to help the memcom membership awards happen.

One of our judges' application tip: 

You know your work inside out, but take a step back before you write your award entry and look at it through a stranger’s eyes. What really makes it shine? What were the original objectives and does your measurement support them? How would you describe your audience and find a way to write simply and concisely what you delivered... and why. It’s also really motivating to read an entry that shows your pride in your work – not empty boasts or how fabulous everyone says you are – but an entry that clearly defines what you set out to do and the impact it made. These may seem obvious but we see a large number of entries that presume we know your organisation and project inside out, thinking that using corporate jargon or flowery words will do the trick. They don’t! - Suzanne Peck

Susanne Peck

Director at Sequel