sustainability workstream

The memcom sustainability workstream, brought to you in partnership with b2b, offers insights, practical actions, benchmarking and peer networking across the membership sector.

You will learn from what other organisations are doing in the fields of sustainability, working out what actions you need to take in your own organisation, without reinventing the wheel. Even if you've not attended previous discussions, there is value in each workstream and you are able to join at any stage. Focusing on different elements of sustainability throughtout the year, you can dip in and out dependant on your interests and availability, or attend all the discussions...either way, you will take away practical and actionable insight.

In partnership with




b2b partnerships supports the growth of independent membership organisations and NGO’s. Its services are focused on the generation of diversified income, sustainable growth, increased impact and reach. b2b is also the secretariat behind Climate Action for Associations, a resource specifically for membership organisations to transition to net-zero and a sustainable business model. With over 20 years' experience, b2b key service areas are designed to drive impact and results.


If you have any interesting sustainability resources, events or information you would like to share with us, get in touch. 

► Reclaim The Test 

Shared with us in a recent sustainability workstream, Reclaim The Test is a recycling initiative by ReWorked - Created as a sustainable recycling solution for lateral flow tests.

Download the pdf below to read more about Reclaim The Test

Reclaim The Test



► CAFA Jargon Busters

CAFA (Climate Actions for Associations) pulled together a jargon busters to help simplify the climate crisis and help Associations understand what they can do to plan and implement their climate action communications and action plan.

The CAFA jargon busters is avaibale for download to members only. 




What is a workstream?

Unlike a Special Interest Group (SIG), whose focus is often to bring together people who share a similar interest or specialism, memcom workstream's are designed to provide practical takeaways which should lead to solution-focused outcomes. Shared wisdom is the idea behind the memcom workstreams: interested parties looking at different solutions to the same problems, discussing pitfalls and preventing failures. Our workstreams will save you time and money, as well as driving forwards the sector and wider society.

Join the discussion

We want to keep alive the discussion around EDI in the sector outside of our regular roundtables, so if you have any questions or comments that you'd like to be discussed or raised at the next event or in our blog, let us know using the form below.