EDI workstream

The memcom EDI workstream offers insight, practical actions, benchmarking and peer networking across the membership sector, to assist its members in their strategic planning. You will learn from what other organisations are doing to combat EDI, working out what actions you need to take in your own organisation, without reinventing the wheel.

Even if you've not attended previous discussions, there is value in each workstream and you are able to join at any stage. Focusing on different aspects of equality, diversity and inclusion throughout the year, you can dip in and out dependant on your areas of focus, or attend all of the discussions... either way, you will take away practical and actionable insight. 

What is a workstream?

Unlike a Special Interest Group (SIG), whose focus is often to bring together people who share a similar interest or specialism, memcom workstream's are designed to provide practical takeaways which should lead to solution-focused outcomes. Shared wisdom is the idea behind the memcom workstreams: interested parties looking at different solutions to the same problems, discussing pitfalls and preventing failures. Our workstreams will save you time and money, as well as driving forwards the sector and wider society.

The next EDI workstream

This group meets every 6 weeks or so, and will follow a programme of specific topics - steered from within the group - so that discussions can have impact and focus. We look forward to welcoming familiar faces and invite anyone new who to join us at the next discussion.

Check upcoming workstreams


There are a couple of events that are happening in the near future with the CMI and RSC which you would be welcome to join and are linked below.

Chartered Management Institute

  • CMI Women
  • Blueprint for Balance
  • Practical guide and research report available to download free here
  • CMI Race online events to date are available on demand from their digital events library (or for ease all in one playlist here on YouTube) and participants and their members can join the next one on July 26th
  • The Better Managers Roadmap is also available to download here which participants might wish to share with managers across their organisations. 
  • Many other resources and events on diversity and inclusion are freely available, but some organisations might also wish to look at the new Bitesize EDI programme they launched as part of the campaign. There is a cost for this but it might be possible to discuss bespoke offers – Edwin Silvester ([email protected])  is happy to be connected in the first instance with anyone expressing interest. 

Royal Society of Chemistry


Join the discussion

We want to keep alive the discussion around EDI in the sector outside of our regular roundtables, so if you have any questions or comments that you'd like to be discussed or raised at the next event or in our blog, let us know using the form below.