The last 6 months have thrown up innumerable challenges for our organisations and our members. memcom workstreams have been designed to bring together groups of sector professionals to jointly explore and solve the issues and challenges facing the sector today.

We are very pleased to be working with a knowledgeable and passionate group of people to steer these workstreams  and to help provide the memcom community with the knowledge, networks and tools to lead and make positive change in your organisations.

Workstream: Reorienting your business

  • To provide a safe space to discuss business issues that your organisation is facing with your peers and guest speakers
  • To explore new and radical ideas to help you meet the challenges 2020 have thrown at us all
  • To reimagine membership models
  • To think creatively about different income streams, including events, membership, sponsorship, real estate, investments, publications and training
  • To share information and ideas
  • To give you the confidence to make the right changes for your organisation
  • To offer the group the opportunity to develop sector-wide projects


Workstream: Reinventing the future

The ‘tricky art of knowing what will happen next’

  • To give the group an opportunity to hear from the disrupters within and outside our sector
  • To offer a safe space to think the unthinkable
  • To think about ‘what’s coming over the hill’ – new tech and science, social and geopolitical changes,
  • To share information and ideas
  • To offer the group the opportunity to develop sector-wide projects


Workstream: Reimagining your culture

  • To provide a space to share ideas about establishing and embedding a culture fit for new ways of working
  • To develop specific ideas, such as: the digital/social divide; moving to an output culture; values led organisations; and agile governance
  • To bring in expert speakers to challenge our thinking
  • To offer the group the opportunity to develop sector-wide projects

Who Should Join?

Senior leaders from professional membership bodies, trade associations or membership charities who are looking for new solutions to current challenges in these areas and who want to develop their thinking.

Workstream Membership Benefits

  • Access to at least 6 virtual meetings/events per membership year, which will include presentations and discussions addressing specific topics
  • Access to peer recommended resources
  • Access to a network of supportive and knowledgeable professional peers within the memcom community


Each workstream is steered by its members and supported by the memcom community

Membership Cost

Annual workstream membership runs until December 2021

  • memcom community members - free
  • Non-members - £200 +VAT per workstream

Become a member

To become a member of any workstream or the memcom community, please contact

Contact Catherine Whitmore